Ready for the 12th World Championship 2019!

European Open-weight championship that was recently held worked as a qualify tournament for women into the next year World Championship – The 12th World Championship. To represent the European Region in the World Tournament indicates clearly that you are a very skilled fighter. To have a qualifying procedure – that alone sets a certain standard to the tournament! Of course everyone wants to fight, but one should be proud of the high level this create. All have seen it, championships at EC and WT level where fighters can reach the podium with no fights. This undermines the quality we all want on an EC / WT champion or medalist. A look at the 8 fighters that are ready..

With an amazing support and level, the top 8 fighters in the Shinkyokushin European Open-Weight Championship really hold an impressing level. And not only holding an impressing level, the high pace of activity are also very impressing!

36 fighters was the line up for the women Open-weight, and we all did see high quality fighters with very competent records. World Champions, European Champions – weight category and Open Weigh – and winners of heavy Open tournaments. And that from “all” organizations across the world.

Lithuania – we noticed the high number of fighters they went into the tournament with, and it was no surprise  that they would be a main factor into the top 8. A surprise that they did not win – that is so, but taking 4 out of 8 top spots leaves a impression!

Inga Mikštaitė, Lithuania

One of most decorated (if not the most decorated) active fighter in Europa in the women’s category. Inga Mikštaitė has been the superior fighter in the middleweight division, and holds 8 European Championship titles (WKO) 7 in the weight category and one in the open-weight division (2016) and added one more in the KWU EC. Also at the world stage do she have strong records, 3rd place in the World Cup 2009 and 4th in the World Championship 2011. Also one 2nd and two 3rd places in the Open Weight EC. Technical very good all rounded, and more than one time sharp techniques has ended her fights before full time. KWU World Champion in 2017. Inga Mikštaitė will be a challenge with her skills and experience for anyone that will enter the tatami on the opposite side.


Rūta Brazdžionytė, Lithuania

She became the European Champion back in 2013, and besides that she has been on the European Championship podium several times. Before taking the title in 2013, she was the runner up in the category below – the lightweight (only three categories at the time) After being the European Champion, she manage to reach the podium to more times, and became the runner up in 2017 and in 2017. And recently manage to take 3rd place in the Open-weight EC in Budapest. We also remember a strong tournament last time, 2015 that ended in fireworks of a fight with Juri Minamihara in a 3 rounds war from start to the finish. The combination between routine and skills make Rūta Brazdžionytė a really solid competitor – as her record shows over a long time.

Brigita Gustaitytė. Lithuania

 This is a very active fighter, and we can not remember that we can see someone that is more active, going from one tournament to another! It is almost impossible to follow Brigita Gustaitytė tournament from tournament, and only this Autumn she has participated in  Szolnok European Cup, Hungary, Swedish Open, British Open, European Championship – Open-weight and it also would be a point mention that she became the runner up in the European Championship weight categories this spring. Often to see on the podium, as in Swedish Open and Szolnok European Cup. Also been taking medals in several tournaments across organizations.

Erika Žeburtovič, Lithuania 

Žeburtovič would be the “newest” face from the Lithuanian team,(at least for us outside Lithuania) and also the lightest fighter. Reaching the 3rd place in the European Championship this spring in Poland, (as she also did in 2017) made her enter the Open-weight, and with to wins she manage to be top 8.

Has been on the podium in the U-22 European Championship category also, and of course being a member of the Lithuanian national team will fore sure be a proof of quality.

Eider Cardenosa, Spain. 

Cardenosa made it into the top 8 in the Open-weight category – and impressed many with her spirit to reach so long in the tournament. Being one of the lightest fighters in the tournament this was a really highlight. Eider Cardenosa do not have such a heavy record as we can read above, but reached the European Championship podium in 2016, in under 55 kg category.

And we must say that she is a fighter that has been more and more visible recently. Being active in several Open’s together with the Spanish national team.


Svitlana Lagno, Ukraine.

 We have seen Svitlana representing the Ukraine, and she moves along with the increasing level of the nation. Ukraine has been coming more forward and has been entering the top spots in the European Championships. Svitlana Lagno has been on the U-22 European Championship podium, and she has also manage to reach the podium in European Championship in other organizations as well. She have faced many of the best, and holds stand against highly merited fighters. This is a fighter that will shine more and more as the time goes on.


Ivanka Deleva, Bulgaria.

Deleva took as you remember recently the European Championship in Open-weight. And we must say in a very convincing way! Showing such a strong figure trough the whole tournament – and even lift it further in the final! That’s really impressive. being the runner up from weight category European Championship this spring, many knew that “something” was up. Facing the EC champion that stopped her last time – turn it around and in this time also tells us about a mental strong fighters that always will move in the right direction. With her incredible pace and spirit – it will be really interesting to follow her in the World Championship in 2019!

Agata Winiarska, Poland. 

Six times (?) Polish champion, and among the best female fighters in the heavyweight category in Europe. Good all round fighting style with strong punching and good movements,has been some of the skills that has brought the Polish fighter on the European Championship podium several times. European Championship in 2013, 2014 and 3rd place 2015. Open weight European Championship 3rd place 2014. 3rd in the EC 2016 and European Champion KWU 2016! World Champion IFK and KWU 2017. Into top 8 in the European Championship weight categories this spring – 3rd place in this Open-weigh Championship now, 2018. Has also shown the strong will and capacity to come back after being defeated. A “stayer” in the game with a lot of experience.