The 11th Kokoro Cup 2018 – tournament and seminar!

Kokoro Cup – a very professional tournament, always with a very interesting line up. Fighters from all over the world – but at the very best level! Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Poland.. The tournament has also been spiced up with Japanese fighters – and of course being held in Poland the home-fighters will not only defend their ground, they will do so with their very best fighters! This year the text: Poland vs Japan are added, and we know that once again Japan brings in fighters to Kokoro Cup.

The date 15th December, followed up with a seminar 16th December.

If we re not mistaken – The tournament this year is taking place as part of the 100th years anniversary of Independence for Poland,and 100 anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Poland and Japan.

One expects the ruling champion to fight, Polish top fighter and also reign European Champion, Maciej Mazur, flanked by other strong fighters from Poland. We do also have names of Japanese fighters, but we do not know if we should release them at this point. Anyway, keep the date open because this will be a very interesting event to follow!

Maciej Mazur, not only known for his EC medals, but also been fighting in Japan with great results. Top 8 in the last World Championship, and 5th this year at the 1st WFKO International Tournament.

Official website: Kokoro Cup

Teaser for 2018

Seminar with Kou Tanigawa Shihan – 16th December.

The day after Kokoro Cup, a seminar with highly merited Ko Tanigawa Shihan, Japan. Winning the All Japan Open 4 times, and also being the winner of the World Championship in weight categories two times, the 1st and the 3rd (called World Cup at the time) Also manage to reach the podium in open weight tournaments – even so he fought in the lightweight on regular basis. 3rd place at the 6th World Championship in 1996, and in top 8 five times in the All Japan Open Weight category, with 3rd place at the best, 29 All Japan Open 1997. Only with Norichika Tsukamoto and Kunihiro Suzuki. Official website registration

Toru Okamoto vs Kou Tanigawa – The 6th Karate World Tournament Quarter Final, Tanigawa reaching the 3rd place in the end of the day.