French Open 2019

French Open Shinkyokushin will be held 23rd February 2019. This will be the 11th edition of the popular tournament, and ill as always offer categories to all levels: Elite, novice and old master category. The tournament has been at a good international level, mainly fighters from Europe – but also some fighters from outside the European region.. (Picture from Morgan Leguen see official album)

As we can see, the French Open have a good tradition, and that alone makes it interesting for fighters to enter year after year. One knows that the standards are good, organizing goes smoothly and that other nations are waiting to challenge you on the mat.Last year these countries that was attending in the tournament  :Lithuania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, Kuwait and of course France.

Poster from the early edition of the French Open Shinkyokushin in 2004.(?) Fighters active at the time Sébastien Vanroyen, Johnny Desmedt,Sebastien Dhorme and more.

But it is also so, that the French organization has been working hard to raise their high level even higher. Looking at their fighters that safe but sure climb the right way at the ranking lists. Last year the French Shinkyokushin organization did win several of the categories. Fighters as Anthony Senechal and Camille Haddouche would be the most known names for the most of us, but as said last year other french fighters did also win their categories – Andréi Roch in the light heavyweight and Sylla Ousmane  in the super-heavyweight.

This will of course be a positive factor, because we all know that to challenge a fighter at his/her home-court will raise the excitements more.

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