British Open 2018 – Live and fight-card!

Saturday, October 6th, 2018 the traditional British Open will be held, and the line up of fighters are ready. The tournament will also be streamed live. Almost hundred fighters are ready to go, divided in three categories for men and two for women. Fighters from Europe and Russia will face each other on to mats, and as always it’s expected to be a long day with a lot of action. That said, the level between top and bottom has increased the latest year, so it is also expected that 1st round action can happen in blink of an eye!

British Open have their own way when it comes to proclaim winners, use of breaking and extensions. Russia will as always be one of the heavy favorite, this year as before.

Women Heavyweight +60 kg






Women Lightweight -60 kg






Men Lightweight -70 kg






Men Middleweight -80 kg






Men Heavyweight +80 kg





Area A

Area B