Fighters never rest!

As always at this time of the year, the Championships are lined up and the schedule are tight from the start after summer. A real highlight this Autumn is the European Championship in the open-wight category, held in Hungary. But before that several tournaments are going to be held, and also many has been held all ready – and as we speak a couple of them are being held now this weekend!

1st September, the legendary European Open Szolnok Cup was being held in Hungary. A strong tournament who attracted some of the strongest nations / fighters in Europe, and also fighters from Russia. Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Croatia, Spain, Romania and of course Hungary.

Many of the fighters had been on the European Championship podium this spring, and that gives us tough about the level!

Only three weeks after this, the Swedish Open was arranged in  Gothenburg, and this was the 7th edition of this great tournament. And even so that we saw whole new set of fighters in the line up, some that had fought in the European Open Szolnok Cup – also fought in the Swedish! -and when we are mention that, not only fighting but winning as well! Brigita Gustaitytė, Lithuania did win the heavyweight women category in both tournaments.

Brigita Gustaitytė mention, and Swedish was not enough for her. Tomorrow it is the time for British Open. This year British Open have 94 fighters in five categories, 2 women and 3 for men. Many fighters from  European Open Szolnok Cup are participating in the British Open. WKO Shinkyokushin, and in total WKO represent 1/3 of all the fighters in this years tournament. Se Fight-card and LIVE!

Polish and European top fighters who also fought in European Open Szolnok Cup: Marek Wolny – who became champion once again! Marta Lubos became the runner up in the over 65 kg category. But this is not enough! Poland also are represented with Anna Bojda, Igor Lamot and highly merited Agata Winiarska /Kaliciak!

But Poland are not the only a country that are strong represented: Lithuania do also have many very strong fighters! But we have to say that this is most visible in the women heavyweight. In this division we have Poland vs Lithuania in three fights, including some of the biggest names:

  • Anna Bojda,Poland vs Brigita Gustaitytė, Lithuania
  • Marta Lubos, Poland vs Diana Balsyte, Lithuania
  • Agata Winiarska, Poland vs Magdalena Gustaitytė, Lithuania

But of course there are many strong fighters and Champions in the line up, and Russia would be naturally to mention. Top fighters in every category – as we are used to see in the British Open. Others well known profiles Dani Redondo Spain Rengokai, Wesley Jansen So Kyokushin Netherlands in the lightweight. But as mention Russia is not only a strong nation, the support the category with six fighters in an 17 fighters categoory.  In the middleweight the sky-high favorite Aleksandr Drozd IFK St Russia.

I the lightweight for women, Unfortunately, the category has lost profiles and numbers of fighters. Some of the best are out, and the class is also reduced from 20 to 16 athletes. Alina Polishchuk , Russia, was one of the fighters that we tough could make some difference. Also Polish fighter Sandra Nowak and Skaiste Venckute , Lithuania have good skills, but are out. Quick look at the seeding, Emma Markwell UK will reach the final, and meet the winner of Rimma Artemova , Russia vs Teona Gazdeliani Spain Rengokai. A very interesting tough would be like a couple of the Swedish fighters did in Swedish Open, entered a higher category for the challenge. Markwell would without a doubt faced the level excellent.

In the heavyweight runner up from last year Jean-Paul Jacquot Paris 17 Kan, and the champion Aleksandr Karshigeev Novy Urengoy IFK and Vitalii Ishakhneli Novy Urengoy IFK Russia. And fighters fro Lithuania Eventas Gužauskas and Kestutis  Radvilla, and Roel Noordman, from the Netherlands also to count in. Quick look at the seeding, makes us more sure that Karshigeev will be fresh into the final rounds.

European Championship Open-weight 

This could remind us about another big tournament coming up late: The European Championship Open-weight, in Hungary – November. There it will be for sure more of this “meetings” since Lithuania and Poland alone have eleven (!) fighters in the women division. From the official EC website: Limit is 2 participants per country in each category, country organizer has one extra participant in each category. Additionally in open category also can participate all the medal winners of EKO and WKO Adults Championships in weight and open categories. All World and European adult championships medal winners can’t participate in the U-21 championship.

In the men’s division Poland and Lithuania have nine fighters, and among these we have some of the absolute best: Maciej Mazur/Poland, Edgard Sečinski/ Lithuania, Marek Wolny/ Poland, Vytautas Cėpla/ Lithuania, Eventas Gužauskas/ Lithuania – reign European Champion from EC in Poland this spring. More fighters to come,the registration have just started…

Speaking of European tournament – Sweden Kyokushin Union  organize The 11th Open European Kyokushin Karate Championship 2018 which will take place on the 6th-7th October 2018. Sweden have several fighters from different organizations, maybe the biggest name from the organizer side will be Jonas Rosin, fighting in the light heavyweight category. Further from Sweden that recently fought in Swedish Open, Simon Pålsson, Sanne Larsson, Moa Jensen and Mette-Marie Nielsen – and from Denmark Fady Allan.

Do these fighters ever rest?!

23rd BRANKO BOŠNJAK MEMORIAL 27th Oct, Croatia 2018