The Karate Dream Festival 2018


Karate Dream Festival 2018 International Championship-Tournament! This year with over 3000 participants! The pattern continues to be the same as we have seen lately – WKO Shinkyokushinkai continues to systematically build up grate events in different format to different “use” With over 3000 karatekas – it can only be a Karate Dream!

See the DRAWS and keep updated on the tournament on WKO Shinkyokushin official Facebook and official website. Link to DRAWS and other information here  

Karate Dream Festival International Championship-Tournament, was in the beginning called The Dream Cup ( ten years ago)

In the Dream Cup, all generations from juniors to seniors will compete in this tournament to fulfill their dreams. As the name tells you, WKO hope that this tournament will become an event filled with hope and dreams. It is made up of the All Japan Junior Championship and the Masters Championship which took place on separate occasions every year.  In addition to the performance of these two Championships, it will also have a few divisions, thus we believe that this tournament will become an event for everybody regardless of age and sex, fulfilling their vision.