The 1st IFKC – Full contact karate – as it is supposed to be!

The 1st International Fullcontact Karate Championship, Full contact karate – as it is supposed to be! Ahead of the tournament one could imagine – or hope that the tournament would be an extension from the JFKO All Japan Open, and all ready at that point it would be a very good start. But as we now know, the tournament became a highlight and a display of how the Full Contact Karate are different – but the same..


First thing that was clear, was that in this tournament one had to be a real champion to reach the top, and conquer the title. Top fighters was listed up, and not at least the huge number of fighters inn each category made this a high merit  just to enter. In this tournament one must be at a very certain level to advance further. Just to enter the podium one have to win 4-5 fights..

The number of fighters, that`s one thing. But what we could see in The 1st International Fullcontact Karate Championship, was that all ready in an early stage the fights was even and very hard. It was also very enjoying to see different dialects of fighting trough fighters, styles and organizations. Different fighting – but still the same. One again, to climb to the top you must have a very complete style, be able to adapt and handle different kind of challenges through the fighters that you will meet. Tough and hard – but smart and not least take care of the body through the tournament. “Eating” everything that is thrown against you in this case, would be too destructive. You must have a good defense, good movements and it could also play a role tactical-vise.

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In high rated championships with small divisions, one can often see the fight style becomes more strength based, no or less defense and movements, shooting it out in the middle of the mat. With one-two fights a day, it can be done taking it all. But with 4-5 fights first day and a couple next day, something have to give if you take it all. Unless one is immune against other fighters techniques for some reason.

International tournament

Being the 1st tournament involving the rest of the world, one didn’t think that the impact or the support would be at this level. Not only did several strong nations attend, but also strongly merited fighters from all around the word – what can one expect next time?! Especially Russia was strongly represented with several profiles. In the men`s category with Khasai Magomedov,Artem Semenov and Nazar Nazirov – well known, and Irina Valieva and Maria Savelieva with more in the women`s division to name a few. Kazakhstan – similar to Russia, also with some real good profiles as Dmitriy Moiseev and Ilya Yakolev need no introduction, and Ioanna Belykh and Yekaterina Gurova with more in the women`s division.


The European region had several strong athletes, and not only strong but some of the best – European Champions. Even though it was close to the European Championship, they actually had those who participated in both tournaments.  Maciej Mazur and Marta Lubos, Poland, Salahat Hasanov and Emin Ismayilli from Azerbaijan came all fresh off the EC. And not only that, all of them as in the EC finals. Further from the European region and Lithuania Edgard Sečinski and Vytautas Cepla – not attending in this EC, but we all know their level. And as we know fighters from Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Poland and Lithuania did reach top 8.

The total level was notable high, and combined with a huge amount of fighters no doubt that this was a level higher than many world championships that we have seen around the world. Not so surprising maybe, when the line up have several world champions!

Two World Champions faced each other in their 3rd/2nd fight, Sho Shigematsu (Kyokushin Kaikan Miyazaki)  vs Yuji Shimamoto (WKO) both fresh of World title in 2017. Video from JFKO official site, visit to see more.

Sky high level

As mention above, two world champions face each other in relativity early rounds. This was not the only fight at that caliber, and it would be hard to pick all out them. But we picks up Shota Yamaguchi (Byakuren Kaikan). He is one of many very strong fighters from the Byakuren Kaikan, and we remember his victory in the KWF World Grand Prix 2017, as well as the JFKO 4th All Japan Weight Tournament – 2017. In the 3rd round a another merited fighter was ready: Kazuya Yamamoto WKO, being double JFKO All Japan Weight Tournament champion from 2014/15 and runner up in 2016 – only losing to Kembu Iriki..

Video from JFKO official site, visit to see more. 

We wish Shota Yamaguchi good recovery with the injured arm.

Europe with a strong continent of fighters, and one of them the EC vice champion 2018 Emin Ismayilli, and not to forget the EC champion from last year. One can not believe how it is possible to enter a so strong tournament only a week after fighting in the EC – all tough he was not alone to do this. Facing Japanese young fighter Toma Maehira WKO in their 3rd fight. Toma Maehira unknown from the most of us, but making it clear that he must be counted inn. Video from JFKO official site, visit to see more. 

Central Asia region, Kazakhstan, do have a good reputation for their eminent fighters. And one of the best: Ilya Yakolev. Strong, very solid fighter and as expected he advances in the tournament. In the third fight Ilya Yakolev meets Japanese fighter Yuki Okada. Video from JFKO official site, visit to see more. 

Back in Europe, and that with the double European Champion Maciej Mazur, WKO Poland. Mazur are no stranger to fight in Japan. Besides the World Championship, Mazur has been participating in 48th All Japan Open- 2017, and managed to capture a strong 5th place. His opponent, Takatsugu Naito, Byakuren Kaikan. Naito being a champion from many accessions, a very good technical fighter with solid experience.

Video from JFKO official site, visit to see more. 

A almost similar setting in this fight with Edgard Sečinski, WKO Europe, Lithuania. Sečinski not reaching the WKO/EKO EC top as Mazur – yet, but did become the world kwu champion late in 2017. Always dangerous with his skills to end fights in one single blow. Shoki Shimizu, WKO, Japan. Working his way in the tough league, and entering the podium at the JFKO 4th All Japan Weight Tournament – 2017, with a 3rd place. 3rd round fight.

Video from JFKO official site, visit to see more. 

We round up with a last one, and once again the high level and toughness shows in this 3rd round fight with Yuya Nagata, Ryudo Kaikan, Japan vs Kosei Ochiai, WKO, Japan. We remember in the JFKO All Japan Open in 2014 – then they shared the 3rd place, and at the time we then saw Naito showed his eminent skills against Kazuya Yamamoto who won that year. Ochiai had all ready been noticed by winning 45th All Japan Open weight WKO the year before 2013. This time they did not shared the podium, but the tatami – and for the spectators this was a really good deal!

Video from JFKO official site, visit to see more.