EC 2018 Shinkyokushin – It`s on! Women -60kg

This week, the European Championship Shinkyokushin will be held in Poland! As mention before, adding new categories has not only increased the number of athletes in the tournament – but we are looking forward to some new match up between fighters that has been in separate categories previous years. Some of the strong profiles are retired, but we are also very happy to see the next generation really steps up! And of course some “immortal” are still going strong!

Minus 60 kg category do have some of the most merited and profiled fighters in the women`s division. As usually this category will be a good category, and that in many ways. Number of fighters are 14, and as mention some of the strongest profiles. One of the most – or the most merited fighter in the women division Inga Mikštaitė, Lithuania would be the natural favorite. Multiply European Champion, and before Christmas she took the KWU World Championship with great conviction. Mikštaitė with her experience and skills will be very difficult to beat.

But the category have several fighters that will be challenging Mikštaitė. Marta Lubos, Poland have met Mikštaitė and lost in a EC final earlier (KWU) And for sure Lubos would like to even that out! Lubos is one very active, and very good fighter. Good all round skills and moved up from -55 kg category seemed naturally, stronger than before. Won the Diamond Cup earlier this year. Recently 2nd in the Polish Championship – taking the Tameshiwari as well. Lubos has been on the podium before, reached 3rd place back in 2014, copied this in 2016 and again in 2017 – this time in -60 kg. Lubos is the only one from last year top 4 to fight this years EC. picture:

Hungary`s fighters i this category are known and merited, not been on the EC senior podium yet, but that could happen this time. Eszter Kovács and Anett Leiter, both coming up from the U-22, but also been seen i open tournaments with good achievements. Eszter Kovács seems to be ahead of the two of them, reaching the final in U-22 more than one time and was awarded to the best fighter in 2016! Hungary known for technical good fighting.

But with 14 fighters one can never be 100%, and with fighters from Ukraine, Sweden and more in the line up.