Kyokushin Open 2018 – Shaping up!

INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION: The categories are starting to shape up nicely, and one can expect some last minutes registration – as always! Lithuania, France, Italy, Sweden and of course Norway are ready! Norway filling in their Norwegian champions to test their skills against highly respected international fighters who participate in the tournament!

The goal of the tournament is to spread, and lift the Fullcontact karate in Norway, in that focus all participation is highly appreciated.

At the time women`s lightweight category have five fighters, Lithuania, Italy and Norway. Lithuania – known from their strong level of fighters, Italian fighter – made a good impression last year, Norway, as mention the champions are ready..

SoKyokushin, Ashihara Karate, Kyokushin World Federation, Shinkyokushin, Makotokai Karate are represented in the tournament. And even so that this in not meant to be a “Diamond cup” scale, it gives us a picture of how it gonna be.

Women middleweight, Sweden, France and Norway

 Men lightweight; Italy, Sweden, Lithuania and Norway

Men light heavyweight would be a another good example. Sweden Ashihara, Makotokai Italy, Shin Lithuania, Shin Sweden and NKKO/KWF Norway and Shin Norway.

Men middleweight would (at the time) be a parallel to the light heavyweight. Ashihara Sweden, Lithuania, Makotokai Italy, NKKO/KWF Norway and Shin Norway.

More to come!  -and as anyone can see, the fighters that are ready up to now, for sure will welcome you and your team to challenge them on the Tatami!

(link to registration)

Enrolment Kyokushin Open 2018 Bergen