The 1st International Fullcontact Karate Championship – Top World level!


– and that in many ways! The 1st International Full Contact Karate Championship line up blows the roof sky-high together with the expectations of this tournament. All knew that the huge support would give us a strong tournament. But this is far more than a great number of fighters. Some of the best fighters of Russia, Europe, Asia and of course Japan are ready to challenge each others on the Tatami. European Champions, “Open” Champions and World Champions will make this tournament far beyond what we have seen in a long time..

The Japan Fullcontact Karate Organization have shown prove of how strong and efficient the organization really are. And one of the most obvious factors is the ability to plan over a long perspective. As well as this: laying stones for stone, and let time together with hard work build a solid foundation. With a solid foundation, you could build further – almost anything you want. Not unknown way of thinking, when we think about how one learns Shinkyokushin Karate!

The annual All Japan JFKO championship has been the foundation, and as previously mentioned we have all seen how this has grown to be a very strong and highly respected tournament. And fore sure  The 1st International Full Contact Karate Championship will raise this even more!

Video presentation from JFKO Official YouTube Channel visit for more.

To reach the the podium, you will have to fight for two full days, regarding to which category you`r in, prepare yourself for 6-8 fight..!

Japans top fighters will defend their home soil, strongly challenged by Russian top fighters, and European champions. And of course fighters from rest of world like Asia and others. Keep updated at JFKO Facebook site and official website.