Nazar Nasirov Sensei!

March 4, 2018 in Tokyo at the Hearton Higashi Shinagawa hosted the Dan-test (qualification exam) of the regional leaders of WKO Grading Exam. It was attended by 50 people from 10 countries: Russia, Sweden, Poland, Armenia, Italy, Hungary, Macau, the Netherlands, China and Japan. On the Russian side, Nazar Nasirov, Roman Nesterenko, Vyacheslav Mitrikovsky and Andrey Kitkin made speeches.

Videos fro WKO Shinkyokushinkai Youtube channel:

Nazar Nasirov

Roman Nesterenko

As a result of the exam, Russian Shinkyokushin received another Shihan in the person of Vyacheslav Mitrykovsky, two Sensei – Nazar Nasirov and Roman Nesterenko, and Sensei Andrey Kitkin raised his level to the 4th Dan.

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