Kyokushin Open 2018 Norway – documents and guidelines!

Kyokushin Open Norway 2018,14th April!

Once again Noway invites to the international tournament KYOKUSHIN OPEN NORWAY. Organized by the oldest Kyokushin Dojo in Norway, Bergen The Kyokushin Open have a great history of international fighting. All ready positive response from several nations, and the excitements raises!

Official website LINK

Documents and guidelines…

  • Fullcontact men/women +18 years
  • Fullcontact Recruit Class/ novice +18 years
  • Fullcontact with limitations men/women +18
  • Fullcontact with limitations 15-17 years juniors
  • Fullcontact with limitations 13-14 years juniors
  • Last date for registration is set to:  30th of March


Hungary (Tamàs Rètfalvi) from last years tournament

Enrollment document can be found here, together with Official invitation

Visit official website for full info and contact information.

Italy vs Norway 2017             Hungary vs Norway 2017


     Sweden vs Hungary 2017                          Norway vs Italy 2017


           Denmark vs Sweden 2016            –           Poland vs Norway 2016