In the memory of Shihan Toshikazu Sato

In the early days Toshikazu Sato Shihan made a great effort in the All Japan Open and the World Championship. Being among the top five in the 1st World Open Tournament in 1975, and following that up with a All Japan Open Weight victory the year after in the 8th All Japan Open. In front of the world championship, the results was also good. 3rd place in the 4th/1972 and 5th/1973 and 5th place in 1974. Sato Shihan will be remembered for his long term contribution to the WKO organization.

Some old classic clips from the golden age. Together with other pioneers of full contact Kyokushin Karate as Howard Collin Shihan.

First clip together with two other well known profiles: Keiji Sanpei and Kazuo Miyoshi

Shihan Howard Collin and Shihan Toshikazu Sato