Spanish Summer Camp 2018

This years summer camp in Spain are set from 27-29th of July. Great traditions and always top guest instructors makes this camp the quality camp that it is! Besides the top instructors from the Spanish Federation, top name from Japan is ready. National coach of Japan and retired top fighter Tadashi Ishihara Sensei will be the top name this year! As a fighter he has the 13th All Japan Open weight category winner, and World Cup winner in the middleweight from 1997 with much more to look back at. Ishihara is a well known instructor in Europe, and has been top name in many camps all over Europe. This summer he will also visit Poland – but first Spain!

With particularly good kicking technique, Tadashi Ishihara was quickly noticed. And as a result, he obtained good results in competition. For without his own merits, he achieved also good results as a coach. Besides being an athlete with good results, is Tadashi Noted with very good results as a trainer and coach for the Japanese national team. This makes him a highly popular instructor at camps and seminars across the world. This is not the first time he has been the main instructor in Spain. And together with the top instructors from Spain this will be a great choice of summer camp this year.

Spain with their eminent team: Shihan Juan C. Escalera President FKE/Branch Chief, Country Representative. Shihan Pedro Soriano Vice president FKE/Branch Chief. Shihan Pascual Requena coach Kumite/Branch Chief, Shihan José Mª Lozano coach Kata/Branch Chief, Shihan Leonardo Adriá coach Kumite/Branch Chief

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  • 1974 Born in Japan
  • 1989 Started Kyokushin Karate
  • 1993 Shodan
  • 1996 1st place -13th All Japan Weight category
  • 1997 1st place  – 1st Karate World Cup (middle weight)
  • 1998 2nd place – 30th All Japan Open Tournament
  • 1999 Nidan
  • 1999 6th place – 7th World Championship
  • 2000 4th place – 17th All Japan Weight category HW
  • 2002 1st place – Fukuoka International Tournament
  • 2002 4th place – 34th All Japan Open Tournament
  • 2003 Representing Japan in the 8th World Tournament
  • 2005 Started his own Dojo
  • 2008 Became Brand Chief in Japan
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