Romanian Kumite camp 2018 – with a taste of Sweden!

16-18th February 2018, the annual Romanian Kumite and sparring camp will be held in Oradea, Romania. Just writing Oradea, Romania gives us giving us immediate associations to full contact kyokushin karate top level. When we add Magnus Hanssen Sensei, Sweden – it’s all there! This is the place to be if you want to expand your level i Full Contact Karate..

Oradea, Romania – Harris Wallen, Anca Wallmen, Marius Ilas – All well-known practitioners, coaches and renowned Karatekas. As previously mentioned, it is perhaps the developing part as those are most known for. -that said, then everyone knows that if you are going to develop something, the basic knowledge must be at a very good level!

Said as a joke, it has come up “creative Karate madness” based on a little tough that if you are too afraid to loose, you will never dare to try something new. If no one tries something new, it will slow down, and stop. When we stop – it is all over.


Previous editions of this camp has also been a great cooperation between Sweden and Romania. And maybe some believed that with some of the strongest profiles retired, it would die out. We think especially of Ilas Sensei and Collin Sempai who has fought against each other many times. On this basis, it is for many unimaginable to share their knowledge. But if you find yourself at a deeper mind set, you know that you will win a lot more by making your opponent better. This way also tells a lot about how you respect those around you. When you are willing to share whatever you have with an open heart, you are at the core of BUDO. These values we need badly in today’s demanding world.

The parallel between Romania and Sweden, both at a very good level. And both have new young fighters coming up – as we speak. Magnus Hanssen Sensei has proven several times his eminent level as an coach and trainer, and have for many years been a profile in the Kyokushin game. Tagging up with the Romanian team for this weekend should make the choice easy – is you have a chance to go there, do so!

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