The 1st International Fullcontact Karate Championship 2018

We have seen champions from several Fullcontact styles Karate battle for the top spots. Now as a natural extension, the rest of the world is added to the opportunity to participate also!  The level will indisputably be the absolute top, and with the Japanese elite fighters from several organizations and styles are nothing less expected..

19th and 20th of May, 2018, The 1st International Fullcontact Karate Championship will be held in Osaka, Japan!

Out from the JFKO Japan Fullcontact Karate Organization, we have seen that the All Japan Open Tournaments have been held with increasing effect. Gathering Full Contact styles – not “only” Kyokushin, the dept and reach among Karate full-contact are beyond what we are used to see.

The JFKO All Japan Weight Category Tournament has grown to be a highly interesting tournament among the best fighters in Japan. Now with the overseas competition added the tournament will be at an extremely good level.

All info and downloads at the official JFKO website