Women Finals of the year 2017 – Inspirations..

As in the previous article we will look at some of the finals held in 2017. This time it is directed against women classes and some of the athletes who have been prominent there. As in the men’s division, unfortunately we could not get as many we wish. World Championships, European Championships, Open tournaments – it`s all there!

Like a year ago, we will take at look at some of the finals between top fighters around the word. One thing is to see different fighters, and enjoy good fights. Another thing is to see the different kind of “dialects” in different organisations. And of course the rules. As we witness this year, some have done major change in their rules, compare to the traditional rules. Others makes minor differences, in the direction they want this to go. And of course, this is a little “weapon race” as well. To have a little special twist or points that are different from others, will make it harder for other fighter to advance in your tournaments.

First one of, European Championship IKO, middleweight category. The tournament was held in France and the two finalists was quite different if one compared their record. The veteran and reign champion Anastasiya Khripunova (Russia) has been on the podium several times first time over ten years ago, 2005. EC champion in 2010,14 and 16. But that`s peanuts in the total picture…Khripunova has been World champion nine times, Open weight champion EC and All Japan Champion… To challenge the reign champion, home-fighter Shainez El Haimour..!  as we mention in the men`s report: remember the rules..


Keeping it in the EC – but this time to the wko EC in Denmark. A very good organized tournament made the settings top, and the fighters did not let anyone down.We picks up the semi final in -60 kg category. Ivanka Deleva (Bulgaria) on the other side, Andreea Merca (Romania) on the other. This category had several strong competitors, and in the second semi Marta Lubos (Poland) and Ruta Brazdzionyte (Lithuania). As in “our” fight, both of the fighters are young and very promising. Both on top three in the U22 European Championship the year before, 2016 – and in among top three in the seniors the next year..that`s a very good achievement.

Video from Olivier Vity – visit for more!

Recently the KWU world championship was held. A professional and glamorous tournament. And out of six women categories we picked the lightest one up to 50 Kg. Teona Gazdeliani (Spain, Rengokai) vs. Honami Ito (Japan) was ready for the final. Teona Gazdeliani  beeing  the Rengokai World and European Champion, was the “heavy” favorite This category contained fighters that are use to fight in higher categories, The pace of the category was as expected, high and demanding. And many were impressed with the strength that was shown in the techniques that were used.

Video from Kwu YouTube channel,visit for more.

Next one, also a Word Tournament, maybe less glamorous but well as good. Back to the homeland of Karate Japan, and Okinawa: 4th Kyokushin Union World Championship held January. Open Weight from men,two for women. Once again we picket the light weight where Japan had both fighters in the final. Chisato Yamaguchi (Japan, number 09 ) vs Reimi Asako (Japan, number 13) Last one,Asako did also get the Best Technique award. Geo and Kaz 3rd and 4th. Reimi Asako and Chisato Yamaguch has showed their great skills before, and both of them reached the podium at the JFKO All Japan Open, 3rd place three years a row to Asako in the lightweight, Yamaguch in the middleweight 3rd place in 2014/15.

Video from 一般社団法人 国際空手道連盟 極真会館 Kyokushin Union visit for more. (Note that The 5th World Cup also was held this year in November, videos)

IFK 5th World Tournament, held in May, Romania. Moving up to the heavyweight Women over 60 kg. Both of the finalists was coming in to the tournament with notable records.But even so they was not the top favorites. Russia was very strong with six fighters represented, and three of them world champions as well. But non of the world champions could make it to the top this time, and the one who was closest was Olga Ivanova. The other finalist have – as we speak – gone from 0 to 2 World-tittles in 2017, and in the progress beat three world champions and one vice world champion – Agata Winiarska (WKO Poland). The other finalist, Olga Ivanova (WKO Russia) is really a force to be reckoned with. Powerful that`s really damage her opponent. And not easy to out-pace either.

Video from Florin Deleanu visit for more.

Next stop:The 6th World Karate Championship WKO in Weight Categories,Kazakhstan. Women Lightweight final Miki Shoguchi (Japan) up against the home fighter Lyudmila Ustyugova (Kazakhstan) Both are very young fighters, Shoguchi 20 years,and Lyudmila only 19 years. To reach the final for Lyudmila, must be a surprising results for many, and doing so she was able to clip one of the biggest favorites,Yui Kikukawa with a knee to the head. Kazakhstan, known for good fighters, and this tournament made even more realize this. Recently she also made to the podium in KWU`s World Tournament.Miki Shoguchi, being qualified through the Japanese tournaments, and representing Japan will for sure describe the top level.

Videos from WKO Shinkyokushinkai You Tube channel – visit for more!

IKO Open Weight EC 2017 – Final Elizaveta Ivanova (Russia) – Maria Jasko (Poland, aka) A very powerful and hard-hitting final this is. And we do have to mention, or point out the game changes the picture when the women categories also fights with out the shin protections. It is clearly how the low-kicks do what their are meant to do. And oc course this is the final and one can images that the legs could have several “souvenirs” all ready. Polish Maria Jasko did not only enter this final, she also made it to the finals in the EC weight category this year, and third place at the World Championships. And as we speak of World championship, this time it was Elizaveta Ivanaova to reach the final, and became runner up!

Picture from Prokyokushin Video from oddessit visit for more!

Back to Japan, and one of the hardest tournament The 4th All Japan Open weight categories JFKO. We have Women Lightweight Final with Yui KIKUKAWA (Ashihara Kaikan) vs Misaki Teshima (Shinkyokushinaki) The category had 32 fighters, and as we know this is a very high level tournament. Kikukawa, with this results, represented Japan in the 6th World Championship in weight categories – as mention above. Both fighters have good merits, and improves them (almost) as we speak! At the 49th All Japan Open later: Best Technic Misaki Teshima, and that`s a great thing in an Open Weight tournament for an lightweight fighter.

Video from JFKO 全日本フルコンタクト空手道連盟 visit form more

Last on; The 49 All Japan Open – Open-weight category. All Japan Open with all the top fighters of Japan would always be very interesting to follow.The 49th All Japan Open Karate Championship Woman final Juri Minamihara vs. Chihiro Kubota. Minamihara took the World Championship title this summer in Kazakhstan. Only 18 years old. But to win the Open Weight tournament at 53 kg tells us that this is an extraordinary fighter. -we do not forget the World Championship in 2015 either. Once again we are impressed by the power of the lightweight fighters.  Chihiro Kubota on her side do also have very strong merits. Been the JFKO champion and runner up – and of course reach the final in this tournament as well!

Video from WKO SHINKYOKUSHINKAI 新極真会 visit for more.

We can only thanks all the fighters of the world…