3rd KWU World Championship – Men`s categories

The 3rd KWU World Championship are history, we will now take a look at the men`s divisions. Nine world champion tittles was on the line,and there was several interesting profiles from the different nations. Many of the fighters have been incredible active, and been fighting all over the world in many open, European and World tournaments. Could they reach their peak at this tournament?

After registration, it was clear that some fighters did not attend. But as mention great work with the draw made the fights go on as planned when the fight-day came. This shows very good organizing, it is not easy to make it smooth when team are prevented to attend. The topic are all ready hot, and it will continues: use of warnings. This is a challenge, and it is clear that it have impact at the total results, as well as changing the style of fighting..

Men under 60 kg had 18 fighters ready, and the reign champion Artur Arushanyan (Armenia – KWF) was one of them. He did also receive Best technique award. But he did meet hard resistance, one of the fight was against  HEYDAR BARATIYASAGHI (Iran -WKO) this fight was This match was surprisingly smooth, and BARATIYASAGHI was not standing back for the much more profited Arushanyan. In one situation two judges gave the Iranian fighter wazari, but it was overruled. The main challenge to Arushanyan was of course Farid Kasumov (IFK- Russia) knocking out good Polish fighter Damian BIŁBAK (WKO-Poland) before he takes on Toranosukekagechika Sawai (Japan) in the semifinal. The fight last 8 seconds, at that time has Sawai recived a kick to the head – end of story! Very impressive from Kasumov. Dilyan Nikolov (Bulgaria – Kan) looses against Arushanyan in the other semifinal, that Arushanyan controls from start. In the final Arushanyan leads on with rapid combinations, as in seems that Kasumov are going for the legs more. Attacks It is also mixed up with distance game from both. Extra round – Kasumov seemes to get the best start, but Arushanyan works hard and even it out. New extra round, and Arushanyan surprises with a high kick that connect, but not strong enough. Arushanyan combine good movements and techniques, keeping the pace up and receives 5-0 victory as the reward.

Men under 65 kg category had some real strong names, ad the expectations was very high i front of the tournament. Top Internationale fighters as Daniel Redondo (Spain – Rengokai), Dmitriy Moiseyev (Kazakhstan – WKO), Emin Ismayili (Azerbaijan – WKO) ,Stilian Petkov (Bulgaria -Kan),Ivan Tumashev (IFK-Russia) to mention some names, showed the class of the category. We can also mention that the spirit award was awarded to Artem Nosarev (KWF-Kyrgyzstan) in this category. Unfortunately, this class was subsequently marked by a decision in the final. Moreover, this was further influenced by social media, since many thought it was not only the final as was the case. Top four and the semifinals, the first one Ivan Tumashev was awarded the victory against Daniel Redondo. The fight was chaotic, many warnings, and a wazari. The other semifinal with Ismayili vs Moisseyev was a very hard fight, both with very strong power in their punches and kicks, and a very strong will to bring the fight to their opponent. Ismayili did also a good job the fight before this, working down a good Stilian Petkov. Extra round for Ismayili vs Moisseyev , this become a almost nonstop punching and moving battle – and as we know, Moisseyev is incredibly strong like this. He get the decision and advances. The final, as we mention, proved to be a setting that no one gets anything in return.. decision on warnings, the victory are being given to Tumashev,  for many the respect seemed to go to Moisseyev.

Men under 70 kg had two really clear favorites: Sergey Chmunevich (IFK-Russia) and Ivan Komanov (Bulgaria – Kan) – and they did not let their fans down. Both are very clean and technical fighters, and the mix of speed and power are really impressive. In the final they start out very even, Komanov with combinations and finding the inside leg of Chmunevich. The Russian pays back with the same – but have the outside leg as his favorite. After a while the we can see the leg of Komanov are coming up, and blocking the low-kicks, the disturbing part is that his own inside low-kicks seems to have little effect. Chmunevich does a good job to mix it up with knees to the body as well as he finds the outside leg of Komanov. The Bulgarian fighter raises the pace in the end of the fight, and are more active, but the result are 5 five flags to extra round. In the extension Chmunevich are taking over, more on the legs to Komanov and it shows. The Bulgarian fighter keep it in there but the power is gone. End of the round – 5 flags to Russia.

Valeh Jafarov (Azerbaijan – WKO) could be a factor, and in the semifinal he meet Sergey Chmunevich. But this fight did end after just about 45 seconds, blocking low-kick Jafarov seems to injured his shin or foot. We like to add that it also seems that it was a factor why he began to block those kicks. Chmunevich`s low-kicks did indeed set up this. In the other semifinal Ivan Komanov faced Bereket Nurybaev (Kazakhstan), who had showed nice skills in his previous fights. Calm and effective style has given him several tittles. Ivan Komanov controlled this fight nicely, in and out with combinations picked Nurybaev apart. Dangerous with his kicks and high knees, but Komanov narrowed Nurybaev possibilities down. After half time Nurybaev showed clear signs that he not wanted to be there, and that he was hurt. Nurybaev, backing out of the tatemi gave Komanov a wazari, at the time Nurybaev gave the sign that he did not want to keep on fighting. But third places to Nurybaev and Jafarov.

Men under 75 kg, this category had 26 fighters, and many very good fighters. Into the top four with Georgi Doychev (Bulgaria – Kan) Gabor Rosza (Hungary – WKO) Viktor Belyaev (IFK-Russia) and Masazumi Nakayama (Japan) The level was very wide in the category, so it was many fights that was over quick. The first semifinal was between Georgi Doychev and Viktor Belyaev. Belyaev had a hard fight with Nail Guliyev (Azerbaijan – wko), but that seems to be forgotten now. The Russian fighter to strong, and advances to the final, a good Doychev in on third after a very long and hard fight. The other semifinal with Masazumi Nakayama and Rosza was also a good fight. Masazumi Nakayama get a wazari, that was questionable, but the fight was very entertaining and could offer good quality from both fighters. It could might look like Rosza was a little marked after previous fights against Domas Sutskus (Lithuania – WKO) and maybe even more the fight against Alexey Shiryaev (Kazakhstan – WKO) – and specially Shiryaev vs Rosza, during a protest they fought two times. The final was tight and even, both fighters looking fresh – Masazumi Nakayama, did really looking happy entering the fight. Technically, they are very similar at the same level. As extra rounds are added, the physical factor will be counting. Belyaev also attacks more on Nakayama’s legs, like most Russian fighters this day. It’s a familiar tactic to go after your legs hard when there is a two day tournament. It is often that you bring “souvenirs” in your legs from day one, and working them hard day two gives a very good effect. Perhaps a coincidence, but one seems to see a pattern. Viktor Belyaev the champion.

In the men under 80 kg, we wanted to see Vytautas Cėpla (Lithuania -WKO) vs Jonas Rosin (Sweden – Kyokushin Rengokai) but maybe a another time. As many categories,this did also have a strong top four, with a gap down to the rest. This category was reduced from 31 and down to 22 fighters. This point out how important it is to make the “draw” after registration!  Well into the the top four, Rosin beats Mohammed Adi Amin (Iran) and Stanislav Mezhevtsov (Russia) get a win after all the extensions vs Vytautas Cėpla. The final Rosin vs Mezhevtsov became a long battle. Rosin tried to disturb and get an opening with kicks on the lower leg. Mezhevtsov looking fresh as it was the first fight, taking all what Rosin had, and countered with low-kicks. Mezhevtsov raises the pace the last part of the fight and gets the victory, and in total it became a little rerun from the KWU EC final. That said it seems that Rosin was closer this time, and at his young age, the future looks very bright. A very hard good final in a hard category. Viktor Belyaev gets the decision, and the tittle.

Men up to 85 kg had one of the really clearest favorites – Alexandr Drozd (IFK-Russia) The young Russian fighter has been unstoppable, and more or less taken every title he aimed for. This time he does it again. Vladimir Artyushin (Kazakhstan – WKO) became the other fighter to reach the final. A class fighter he also. The meet both several good fighters on their way, in the 16 men big category. Notable wins for Drozd was against Eitbar Agalar (Azerbaijan) and against Lithuanian experienced fighter Kvietka Justinas. Artyushin on his side meet Nikita Bauer (Germany – WKO), Gabriel Barbu (GB-IFK) and Aria Jahandoust (Iran). The final is a very good technical fight, Drozd a little ahead of his opponent, and uses his height advantage good with knees. The result are affected by counting warning in Artyushin disadvantage. This was a little result of the trigger-happy flags one could see more that one time, but the warning would not change the results on sight, Drozd was sharper – and became the champion.

Up to 90 kg men had a couple of favorites, Suyunov Merey ( Kazakhstan) but he went out of the tournament, Pablo Estensoro (Spain WKF), Jo Miyahara (Japan), Dmitrii Solovyev (Russia -Kan) and the biggest favorite Aleksandar Komanov (Bulgaria – Kan) But Solovyev was given a early exit, Miyahara lost to a very good Marek Wolny (Poland – WKO). Kęstutis Radvila (Lithuania – WKO) went into the top four, giving the veteran Estensoro only defense as an option. First real challenge to Komanov was against Wolny. A very hard fight, and Komanov as the double vice World Champion was more than happy when he secured the victory against Wolny. Wolny on his side continues to climb higher and higher in good tournament, and Wolny almost knocks out Komanov with a high knee in the start of the fight. The final against Komanov vs Radvila was a very good final. Radvila with constant working all over Komanov, and Komanov on his side answered with series of power-punching and devastating kicks. Komanov takes it to the end, and both finalist makes his best result – up to now!

The next final was also with Lithuania involved in the top, -95 kg category men. From 18 fighters reduced down to 13, was once again very sad. And with this, nations as Romania and Lesotho was not represented in the tournament. Some of the favorites was out, Jonatan Tieno (Spain) to mention one. But several good fights, one was the semifinals between Faramarz Afghan from Afghanistan against Konstantin Fedorov (Russia). This one was a hard long fight, but Fedorov tearing his opponent down and earn a wazari in the end. Other one in the 2nd semifinal. Edgard Sečinski (Lithuania – WKO) worked his way with Aleh Dalidovich (Belarus)  and took the decision after 1st round. Ready to the second day and final where he faced Russian (IFK) fighter Konstantin Fedorov. Sečinski is the one who takes the control, and his variation and movements makes it hard for Fedorov to get into the fight. Even so when Fedorov grows stronger into the fight,Sečinski takes it and get the victory. 7th place in the WKO World Championship in 2015 was Sečinski`s best results up to now, but the Open weight World Championship is a another story.

In the heaviest category, +95 kg men, the favorite Vasily Samadurov (Russia -Kan) was without the big task in his try for his second tittle the way this turned out. Samadurov took his first fight in 40 second against Sibhozo Thembela (South Africa) controlled Alisher Mukhanov (Kazakhstan-WKO) in the second fight. The category was down to 16 fighters, good fighters yes, but one felt that some was missing. Mahdi Hosseinpourdizaj (Iran) showed various good skills on his way to the final. He showed also how to deal with bigger fighters (big KO in the second fight) Roel Noordman IFK-Nederland) last time 3rd place winner, went out in his second fight, Eventas Gužauskas (Lithuania – WKO) lost in a decision based on warnings against Mahdi Hosseinpourdizaj (Iran). This brought Hosseinpourdizaj to the final. But when the final day and fight was ready to go, Hosseinpourdizaj could not fight in the final. Second tittle to Vasily Samadurov, but one could see the face of disappointment when the final fight was canceled. This would be a great final for sure, but maybe another time.