Going the distance – that`s a highlight!

We brought together some videos of various fights that we like to watch. We can already tell you that there will be no knock out`s – maybe a waza-ari or two, but no K.O. To be frank we get a little bit tired from time to time of all the “best of” collections with half the time of the videos we actually are looking on unconscious people. We choose to set this a bit on the edge, of course, but the point is, there’s so much more in a very good and hard fight than “just” decision on who will win the fight.

 First one out from the World Championship in 2011. Donatas Imbras, Lithunia was the favorite, runner up in the World Championship 4 years earlier. On the other side of the mat  Ilya Yakovlev, Kazakhstan. The fight was a meeting against two very strong fighters, and the victory would not come easy – one way or another. (There was rumors that Donatas had an inflammation in his legs, which meant he did not have the full capacity of kicks, but one can safely say that the power of the blows was not reduced!) Video from WKO Shinkyokushinkai Youtube channel

Next fight, we have picked this from the women`s division, in the European Championship 2012. Lídia Körmindi, Hungary vs Gabija Gudeliauskaite, Lithuania. Speed and power through the whole fight, and the will to push the pace even higher when everyone thinks that`s impossible. The thing we like most in the fight is the constant hard hitting, explosive techniques. (Lidia made it to 3rd place this time)

Back to 2011, Lithuania, European Championship. This fight was one of the hardest in the middleweight category, between two European champions. Christian Christiansen, Denmark (champion in 2006-07) against Marius Ilas, Romania (champion 2005,09 & 10)

To Russia this time, in this fight is in the middleweight. The tournament is International “Yamburg Cup – 2014” and the tournament had an very strong line up. (more info) In the final Dmitriy Moiseev, Kazakhstan met Alexander Tomilov, Russia. Many champions was being eliminated in the tournament, and several very hard fight took on the fighters that advanced.

Next one, the second fight in the women`s division. Well known Inga Mikštaitė ,Lithuania – Marta Lubos, Poland met in the final of the 1st KWU European Championship. The final is very entertaining, two very good fighters. And thinking of the semifinals where Inga Mikštaitė and Marta Lubos eliminated reign KWU World Champion and runner up before they went after each other in the final – sets this final in a perspective.

Valeri Dimitrov, Bulgaria fought the Lithuanian elite in the European Championship Open weight 2014, Lithuania. Valeri Dimitrov fought his way to victory in the open weight class European Championship. The draw almost reminded of Lithuania Open, where Dimitrov had to fight one after another of the strong local fighters who was at EC podium level… In the final Valeri Dimitrov met two times European Champion Andrius Draugelis, Lithuania…

This fight is between two top Hungarian fighters: Gábor Rózsa vs Zsolti  Balogh. Both top athletes, and in this fight we can joy the Hungarian clean, technical fight-style. The tournament was held in 2013, Open weight. Video from Victory Gym Martfu

The last fight is between two young fighters that have developed further in a really great matter. This tournament was held in Ukraine in 2012, Open Ukraine Shinkyokushin Karate Cup. As we said going the distance in a fight can be like the victory! Maciej Mazur, Poland vs Nazar Nasirov ,Russia. We could very much like to see these two excellent fighters meet again – seen from a fan perspective!