European Championship U16 & U22 – RESULTS

Yesterday (Saturday 11.November) we witness the up and coming generation of Full Contact karate Shinkyokushin fighters in their way to reach the European Championship podium. This is always of big interest, but this time maybe even more than usual. We know than many of the biggest profiles among the established fighters are out, retired, and who ill takes their place?

Poland delivers a good organized European Championship – as expected. All info in front and as the time goes are regularly updated, the promotion are good (not hyped up) but good, and clean. There is no doubt that the Polish organisation have a great pride in this, and want to keep the good reputation they have in organizing tournaments. And of course, this would be more than interesting on a regular basis to follow, taking in considerations that EC 2018 and World Championship in weigh will be held in Poland.

-and as we speak: are you ready for the 10th Kokoro Cup?!

Looking at the level and the participation in this EC U16 (born 2001, 2002) and U22 (born 1999 (adults 18 years old) 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998) , it is all reason to be well satisfies. U16 and U22 EC holds between 320 and 330 fighters, from 22 countries. Superb nations as Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary and Poland, bring in close to 200 fighters alone.(!) All this in under the regulations of EKO with two fighters in each category from the same country. (Host can add one, total three in each category)

Tactical use of statistic gives people wrong impression of what they actually are looking at, or how good the result or what case it could matter. In this case the number of participants are very good, related to the fact of the limitation given by the rules and age categories. Looking at the huge support from the powerful nations in Europe, will automatically be a reference to the level together with well known profiles in the line up. The fact that the tournament attract over 300 participants compressed in only in U16 and U22 categories makes it at a highly respectable EC. In comparison, categories are more crowded than regular EC`s around, in matter of fact more than World Championships as well.

U22 category is a very good stepping stone for young fighters who will fight in the ordinary European Shinkyokushin for seniors . The are sky high and one need all the preparations one can get. The profiles of U22 as  Anatolii Zhuravel / Ukraine, Ziyafatalla Milad Samizada /Sweden,  Richárd Lizák / Hungary, Mór Fekete Farkas / Hungary, Rasmus Bergström / Sweden – all of them are well known fighters with many nationals, open and U22 and other EC as KWU trophies, but none has been able to reach the podium in the regular EC.

All Photos from visit and see tons of great photos! Anatolii Zhuravel / Ukraine


In the women divisions we can see the same pattern, and fighters as Magdalena Gustaitytė Lithuania, ESZTER KOVÁCS Hungary, Anna Bielska / Poland are not find on the podium in the ordinary EC. But we must also remember that many of these fighters come from countries where not only the level are high, but there are also many fighters fighting for the same places.

Woman U22 Kumite – 55kg

  1. Anna Bielska / Poland
  2. Anastasiia Pokotylo / Ukraine
  3. Paula Malikowska / Poland & Tímea Berencsi / Hungary

Woman U22 Kumite – 60kg

  1. Skaistė Venckutė Lithuania
  2. ESZTER KOVÁCS Hungary Best fighter
  3. Anastasiia Duziak Ukraine & Solmaz Zeynalli Azerbaijan

Woman U22 Kumite – 65kg

  1. Magdalena Gustaitytė Lithuania
  2. Patricia Farcas Romania
  3. Monika Zielińska Poland & Gabriela Kostrzewa Poland

Woman U22 Kumite + 65kg

  1. Svitlana Lagno Ukraine
  2. Roberta Végerbauer Hungary
  3. NOEMI BALDRES Spain & Laura Pikturnaitė Lithuania

In total would it be a ordinary results, but some little pointers are always interesting. Ukraine,Lithuania, Poland – top three nations (U22), Hungary is also used to being among top three. Poland as a host will have a little advantage with the extra fighters. But it is no doubt that Sweden is the nation with the biggest jump on the ranking. Reaching 3 final, and winning one of them, Rasmus Bergström, loosing a close fight, Milad Samizada, and one had to be canceled during doctor stoppage in the semifinal,Ali Hayder.  And top of that Sweden also made a strong Kata gold in U16, Ki Pasanen. She did also compete with her sister,Py Pasanen, in kumite – both in both categories.. The total picture of Sweden`s young fighter are very interesting. Check out the Swedish team here a couple of names more..

Man U22 Kumite – 65kg
1. Daniel Sternik Poland
2. Ziyafatalla Milad Samizada Sweden
3. Ararat Hovsepyan Armenia 3 Bohdan Lemishko Ukraine

Daniel Sternik & Milad Samizada in a very good final who went all the extensions.

Man U22 Kumite – 70kg
1. Nair Melikyan Armenia
2. JAVIER Zamora Spain
3. Severyn Palii Ukraine & Bence Pantelics Hungary


Man U22 Kumite – 75kg
1. Eltaj HUMBATOV Azerbaijan
2. Ali Hayder Sweden
3. Juan Carlos Ciavola Switzerland & Maksym Chaikivskyi Ukraine

Man U22 Kumite – 80kg

1. Rasmus Bergström Sweden Best fighter
2. Rostyslav Ferents Ukraine
3. Julius Urbonas Lithuania & Laurynas Vaičikauskas Lithuania

⇐ Rasmus Bergström Sweden

Man U22 Kumite – 85kg
1. Yuriy Kryukov Ukraine
3. Turan SHIRINOV Azerbaijan & Tomasz Bodzioch Poland

Man U22 Kumite + 85kg
1. Anatolii Zhuravel Ukraine
2. András Dávid Hungary
3. Mateusz Kaptur Poland & Petras Rudžionis Lithuania

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Many of the athletes that entered the podium this time will for sure be seen again. And we believe that some are ready to break through in the regular European Championship. It`s not only “someone out, some new in” this is how the full contact Karate heritage will be passed on, developed and showed out to rest of the world. as far as we can see … it looks good!