The 49th All Japan Open – results

Legendary All Japan Open was held this weekend, and the best fighters of Japan was fighting for the top spots. But there was also several “outside” entries, and most notable was top fighters of Europe and Poland: Maciej Mazur, Marek Wolny and more..

All Japan Open with all the top fighters of Japan would always be very interesting to follow. World Champion open weight, and in weight categories Yuji Shimamoto was one of the favorites. World Champion Open weight, and in weight categories Kembu Iriki – naturally a another one. Shota Maeda, also World Champion weight categories. It was these three who made it to the top three last year, but at that time it was Kembu Iriki who became the champion.

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49th All Japan Karate Championship

1st place Yuji Shimamoto
2nd place Kenbu Iriki
3rd place Shota Maeda
4th place Daiki Kato
5th place Maciej Mazur
6th place Kazuya Yamamoto
7th place Yuto Eguchi
8th place Tomohito Yukawa
Tameshiwari Award Kazufumi Shimamoto
Best Spirit Award Kazufumi Shimamoto
Best Technic Award Kazuya Yamamoto

1st place Juri Minamihara
2nd place Chihiro Kubota
3rd place Chisaki Araki
4th place Miki Shoguchi
Best Spirit Award Momo Fujihara
Best Technic Misaki Teshima

The participation of other nation in this tournament would out a doubt give the fighters and teams more experience than only fight on their “regular ground”  European Champion Maciej Mazur, placed on the 5th place, gives a measuring up against the level at the World stage. 5th place was also the result for Marek Wolny back in 2013 – in the same tournament.


Yuji Shimamoto takes his third All Japan Open tittle, and with his World Championship tittles he is really on his way to be one of most merited fighter. Kenbu Iriki, top three the last four All Japan Open tournaments, and two 2nd places in world Championships – also a very solid fighter, and also this gives a description of the level in All Japan Open.

The Championship was streamed live at the official WKO Shinkyokushinkai Channel.

(video from Bielański Klub Kyokushin Karate) Warming up: