Autumn camp in Northern Sweden

The weekend 29/9 – 1/10 2017 autumn camp in Skellefteå, Sweden. The organizer was Guldstadens Kyokushin Karate, and the camp attracted participants from whole Sweden and also several Dojo`s from Norway. What or who could attract among seventy participant up in the North of Sweden? – Romanian masterclass!

⇐ Picture from Thomas Burman (link) (picture loaded are up cut to fit the page) Visit form more picture from the camp.

The Romanian trio Marius Ilas, Anca and Harris Wallmen are well known for the most of us. The trio has been given seminars all around in Europe, and the circle are just getting bigger and bigger. Sweden have almost a tradition for having these top instructors at their camps and seminars. Last year they “blew the roof of” the Camp Banzai. and now the time was ready for Autumn Camp 2017 – Skellefteå.

Guldstaden Kyokushin Karate , who was the organizer for the camp, did a great job as an organizer. First of all would i be natural to mention the training facilities. But we know that one can have all the best facilities in the world, but it would not work if it did not have good people to run it. The Karatekas of Gulstaden Kyokushin Karate appear as an open and warmhearted club, and in the lead Oualid Burström Sensei and Hanna Lundmark Sempai which led the participants throughout the weekend in relation to all that was practical.

We mention the Dojo, and the training facilities.. it this is actually difficult to explain. The Dojo is a part of Skellefteå Budokan, a center here several Japanese styles of martian arts are training under in the same building. In the center there is several different Dojo`s, build up in a traditional way that point out the direction of the style.

As mention the camp had top instructors from Romania, and this gave the camp a optimal technical content. Once again the participant was amazed by the wide knowledge, and how everything are connected. This is a key regarding to the part of how one can start to understand the concepts of how the human body really work.

Best possible scene fore learning. 

In the end of the camp at a summary done by Norwegian leader of technical committee, Erik Andres Helin Sensei ⇒ (to the right). He pointed out how the Romanian instructors made the scene optimal for learning. The relaxed tone and attitude brings the shoulders down on people, they are more open and the best possible dialogue between giver and receiver is a fact.

Through the weekend, that was packed with training, all aspect was covered. Sometimes in groups, other times all together as one group. Different kind of techniques, drills and exercises – all bounded with an common factor of understanding something bigger, deeper. Instead of just training on a technique, one trained how to become better at understanding it. When you can understand it in total, then you will really develop.

The instructions came out hand in hand from the three different instructors, and the all have their own way of doing that. But even so, the teaching connects from the one instructor to an another. From superb and stylish fight-style of Marius Ilas Sensei, who showed several excellent training drills and tools – useful for anyone who wants to be better. Being one of the most merited European fighters the last year, and showing what he has been working with are extremely interesting for everyone who got their eyes in to Full Contact Karate fighting at he top level

One also got an insight into some of Anca Wallens Shihan great Kata knowledge, which has sent her to the top of the European Championship to mention some of it. And also great drills and tools for an instructor to take back home to use in his/her own Dojo. But Kata and all-round training is just top of the iceberg, we also know that Anca Shihan possesses top fighting skills as well – being an European Champion in Kumite also!

Last but not least, Harris Wallmen Sensei, from warm up (with an agenda) through the main session, and in to the ending part- all put nicely together and with inputs and information on the subject so one can really understand. The pace of the training as also perfect balanced, head and body did get just enough to process it and open up for more when the next session came.The social factor was also a huge success, and one must have this factor at the same level as the physical part. There is no doubt that the camp as a great success, and the participant did really had a good time. Good time at the training and good time in between.

We predict that these three top instructors from Romania will have their schedule fully booked – and speaking of that: Norwegian Summer Camp 5-8 July, Norway 2018, will be organized with these three top instructors!

We can can only say thanks to anyone who made this camp at Skellefteå, Sweden possible!