Juan Carlos Escalera seminar Poland October 28, 2017

This October in Poland, Saturday 28th 2017, one of the most recognized European instructors, Juan Carlos Escalera Shihan 6th Dan (Spain) will share his knowledge of Kyokushin Karate.

Organizer Ełcki Klub Karate Kyokushin, Karpiński Branch

The seminar will take place in the sports hall of Primary School No. 2 in Warsaw Elk. There will be three training sessions:

  • I. 10:00 – 12:00
  • II 13:00 – 14:30
  • 14:45 dinner
  • III. 16:00 – 18:00

The cost of participation in the seminar is only 60 zł. Dinner? The cost of 20 zlotys Registration by 20 Oct 2017. Registration on the day of the semester 9:00 – 9:45 in SP No. 2 at the sports hall at ul. Maleckich 2 in Elk. Please take 1 shield for 2 persons.


I sincerely invite you,

Remigiusz Karpiński


Remigiusz Karpiński 5 Dan – Prezes Zarządu, Country Representative
Ełcki Klub Karate Kyokushin.

Guest instructor:

fke_shihan_jcescaleraShihan Juan Carlos Escalera – 6th dan.

He was born in Logroño the 30th of March of 1961 Master of Human Sciences, University of Zaragoza 1982-85. Master of Sports Sciencies, University of La Rioja 1992-95 He began to practice Kyokushinkai Karate in 1977 in Karate Kan Club in Logroño. He obtained the first Dan in 1982, the second Dan in 1985, the third Dan in 1988, the forth Dan in 1993, the fifth Dan in 1999 and the sixth Dan in 2008.

Juan_Carlos_EscaleraAs competitor he participated in several championships from the year 1979 until 1985 when he got the second place in the Spanish Championship in the lightweight division.
In 1981, he began his teach career. In February of 1985 he opened his own dojo in Logroño. In 1988, makes the seminar for National Coach, being in the workshop in Budapest (Hungary) in 1997 where he qualified as an International Coach. Nowadays he teaches in the Acqua Dojo in Logroño.


His work as referee is widely recognised. He began to referee after leaving competition in 1985. In 1986 he obtained the National referee title; In 1988 and 1989 in the courses held in Luzern (Swizertland) and Budpest (Hungary) he obtained the title of International referee in the Clicker, Katas and Kumite divisions.

Since September of 1995 he is the president of Spanish Kyokushinkai Federation (FKE) where he has contributed to the development of Kyokushinkai in Spain organizing de EC 2001 in Leganes (Madrid) and the EC 2010 in Logroño. Since 2004 he is member of the E.K.O’s European Board where he plays the charge of Chairman of the Technical-Grading Committee. In the 2005 World Cup he was designated formal member of the W.K.O’s Technical Committee.