Poland in All Japan Open!

The 49th edition of legendary All Japan Open Championship will be held 14/15 October 2017. This time with other nations represented, as it has been before. From Europe Poland has a strong team, not only strong national standard, but top fighters in the European level…

This is not the first time Poland s been competing in the All Japan Open Championship,as we remember at the 45th All Japan Open several nation attended, Spain, Australia, Kazakhstan and Poland – and at the end of the day it was Poland who came out with the best results from the visitors…

Poland as a nation has been systematic from the start. And from the start we think about the time when they entered the WKO with most the Dojo`s and profiles we know today,this was back in around in 2010. Poland was before this of course represented in the WKO, but on a significantly smaller scale. Poland did something to see what they stood up against.

On Saturday 16 October, 2010 in Elk, Poland, two of the strongest Shinkyokushin nations in Europe meet to challenge each other in a Poland vs Lithuania match up. it was Poland who stood for the organizational part, and from the Polish side was the goal clearly defined: how they stood against Europe’s best Shinkyokushin team …(full results videos here)

⇐ Maciej Mazur, European Champion 2017 Super Heavyweight  – ready for All Japan Open.

In the first European Tournament, the year after 2011, Poland had a numerous strong team and many was very excited to see the level they brought in to the tournament. But this time Poland did not make the impression that they hoped. Matuesz Garbacz ⇒ with his 3rd place in the lightweight category was the only medal the took in the senior divisions. But the level was tested, and their patient long-term work assignment was a fact. This along with the fact that they were now heavily focused on young athletes who were updated and open to “today’s fighting”

From the year after, 2012 and up to now, Poland has been permanently found on the results list during the European Championships. We believe that the systematic work, and at an early point stake out the level one want to reach and be a part of is decisive for this progress.We like to think that some of the same would be in this setting, that Japan is the goal and level to defined. This edition of All Japan Open have 104 fighters in total, where Poland got six (men division) and one fighter in the women division among 39 fighters. Last time ⇐ Marek Wolny reached a very strong 5th place, time will show how the results turns out this time.

Monika Zielinska will also join in the women division.

DRAW men and DRAW women

Ready for All Japan Open: Tomasz Bodzioch, Marek Odzeniak and Mateusz Kaptur.