Kyokushin – going North!

This weekend – “as we speak”, Jimmie Collin shares his experience in Kyokushinkai  Full Contact Karate in Kiruna Karate Kai – the the northernmost Dojo in Sweden! The Kick Off Seminar attracts Karatekas from All over Sweden, and from Norway as well. We have mention this before, an does it again because this is a very good example how we should work.

This region of Sweden are spreading the Kyokushin Karate out to more people – as we all should do! And this seminar are just one of the top`s that are planned..we will come back with more!

The Swedish organization are stretching out in with, and Kiruna Karat kai with other Dojo`s in the north are working very hard to make this happen. The frequency of this kind of activity – as in this weekend with Jimmie Collin, are steady, and raises the level slowly but surely. And on the other hand the region also know the time to visit activities around in Sweden and more to bring knowledge back.

The region (upper) North of the Swedish Organization have Guldstadens Kyokushin Karate – Skellefteå, –  Umeå Karate Klubb, – Skellefteå Karate Klubb, – Lycksele Karate Kai, – Luleå Kyokushin Klubb and Kiruna Karate Kai 

This region also make it possible to connect with Norway and Finland in the north, and that of course will give us even more to share and grow with.

A kick off with a capacity as Jimmie Collin – is just a “must be there” event! Jimmie Collin being of of the top fighters in Europe for a long time, with more merits than the most of the North European fighters. True Budo combined great skills and personality!

The engine behind Kiruna Karate Kai, this seminar and a good portion of the events – Ronnie Pettersson 

⇐Petterson at Camp Banzai 2017.

We mention that this Kick Off was just a start in this region – and if we take a look one month ahead in time, a another great event will take place. This time as previous announced not one great instructor,  but three! -will come to this region, Guldstadens Kyokushin Karate – Skellefteå. Romanian top instructors Harris Wallmen, Marius Ilas and Anca Wallmen!

If you for some reason did not make the seminar this weekend, be sure to sign in to this one! You can read about the detail here!  These Sensei`s and Shihan are some of the most wanted instructors at the time – and they have been that for quite some time! Fully booked,and people waiting to come in at camp Banzai last year, so wanted that we made a little “poster – joke” about it: (only the reward was way to low!) -we think a new one will come.. 😉

Further on tournaments, seminars and camps will be held, maybe the best known of the events is the Norrlandslägret a camp organized since 1999! Check out and keep updated here. This year from 1st to the 3rd of December, Skellefteå Kyokushin Karate. the northern region of Sweden have many hard working and skilled Shihan`s Sensei`s and Sempai`s: Naser Ghanbari,Oualid Burström, Fredrik Lundberg, Michael Nordström, Ronnie Pettersson get to know them!