Austrian Open 2017 – Invitation

AustrianOpen_2_WEB – KopiAustrian Open Kumite Championships 2017
Sunday, June 11th 2017 in Vienna, Austria!

Austrian Open Weight Category Championships 2017
Tournament information. The tournament offer Kumite for men, women, youth and cadets – and “old masters” as well. After taking a break in 2016, the Austrian Open are back!  And this version of The Austrian Open it will Kumite championship, and whiteout Kata as we was used to. Weight categories are regulated to the “new” standard as well..

Documents and info..

Austrian Open was a strong tournament in 2015. And nations that attended was among the very best. Georgia, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Croatia, Germany and of course Austria. Fighters well known from the European Championships.

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