Romanian Masterclass 2017

Romanian instructors enriched many in a new years lays ahead of us, and there is much to indicate that this will continue in 2017. Norway are next!



2017_poster-3-kopiSom et ledd i NKO Shinkyokushin Norge sin utvikling er gjeste instruktører til årets instruktørsamling ingen ringere enn Anca Wallmen Sensei 4.Dan og Harris Wallmen Sensei 3.Dan. Flere norske utøvere og trenere var på Camp Banzai 2016, hvor de Rumenske profilene var hovedinstruktører.

Årets instruktørsamling for WKO/NKO medlemmer foregår på Ringerike, 10-12. februar, program og detaljer kommer!

2017_poster-2-kopi-kopiLes om Camp Banzai 2016 Fana KKK ref og RKK ref

Several of the Norwegian Karatekas was so lucky to attend the Camp Banzai 2017, in Sweden. Anca Wallmen and Harris Wallmen sowed their extraordinary skills in a way that which appeals strongly to the Norwegian participants. The impression led to a process to get these instructors to Norway.

From Banzai camp 2016 rapport:

Harris Wallmen Sensei

His knowledge of Kyokushin karate, and general martial arts is a story in itself. His knowledge about how the human body works, anatomy and how this can be trained optimally. His ability of pharris_Wallmen2016Iromoting his highly respected skills. These things combined with a very likable personality makes the arena for learning so good that it can be. The technical drilling in the fight aspect will catch everyone that have some interest of learning. We can see that seminars gathers Karatekas that not necessarily favors fight or fight training , because the total learning will be so high. Training tools, in the form of drills and technical exercises is a very good factor for success. This makes the training more real and gives athletes closer experience to reality – set the basis of a match setting. And of course through the serious training – always a glint in the eye! We can only thank..

Anca Wallmen Sensei (picture Banzai)

We could list up her record, that alone would tell us that this is a Anca_wallmen2016athlete with certain set of skills. But even with a good record, it do not necessarily means that you would be a good trainer. Well, in this case it means so. Anca Wallmen showed through Camp Banzai warm ups drills, that trick a tired body to join in – gladly! Technical drills and timing drills, in an increasing order who are great to build up the understanding of what you actually try to reach. Also an angle that Anca brings in, is the play in the training. We all need to play, to work in an relaxed setting – but once again, the play – the exercises, do bring great serious factors who makes your total better. This is a element who is very important in a environment who trains hard and often.