Women Finals of the year 2016 – Inspirations..

swedish-open_20120915_0711-kopiAs the previous article we will look at some of the finals held in 2016. This time it is directed against women classes and some of the athletes who have been prominent there. As in the men’s division, unfortunately we could not get as many we wish. But an excerpt from the same tournament we had the article about men’s classes. The fighting style evolves and there is no doubt that there has never been higher level level than now.

It is also more and more fighting across the organisations borders, and that gives an extra excitements in to it.

2108_main_foto_700First one out, Russia and the national Championship. The top level of Russian fighters also include the women divisions – if any doubted. In the National Championship final Angelica Sabaeva faced Maria Uzunyan in the women`s heavy division. Sabaeva being the heavy favorite, as she was the reign champion and also had been winning in 2013. But most but attention is the dual KWU world champion title she holds from 2013 and 2015. We can also add that later in 2016, she won the KWU EC – as expected, but that on a very close call in the semi.

violetaShinkyokushin European Championship. Some critics has stated that in the the women`s division there is not enough power in the techniques to knock out their opponent. And especially in the lighter divisions. -if the winner only can be chosen by knock out there is. We will bring you two clips, one final in the the women division and one highlight, yes – from the to lightest one. First you will see Hungarian fighter Zsofia Szabo, that took her first European Championship title in the women -55 kg. The second clip will be the final in the -50 kg category. Violeta Litovska (Bulgaria) Aka Vs Justina Šišaitė (Lithuania)

anastasiya-khripunovaIKO European Championship for women, in the middleweight Anastasiya Khripunova (Russia) She did not only win this tournament this year, she took the Open Weigh EC as well AND the World Weight Tournament in Japan. From the European Championship, the semi final (final was not held due an injury) In this fight Khripunova faces Bozianu Madena (Romania) Anastasiya Khripunova have a long carrier and in the EC setting she was noted in 3rd place so early as 2005. Since then several titles has been taken, and European Champion in 2010 and 2014. And of course being the World Champion in 2011. 

misaki_sato_shin1The JFKO Japan Full Contact Organization 3rd edition had various organisations at the podium. This adds a extra excitement since fighters are some times less known, and of course the have not fought their opponent so often. Super heavy weight women won by one of the most merited Japanese fighter: Misaki Sato. Did also win last year, and in the final she beat Emi Shoguchi (World Champion 2011) Sato placed 3rd at the World Championship in 2015. This year Sato faces Chihiro Kobuta (Kubota dojo) in the final. Chihiro Kobuta won the st edition of the tournament in the super heavy weight category.

%d0%ba%d0%b0%d1%80%d0%b0%d1%82%d1%8d-2So it is time for the Russian Ope weight for women. A very strong line up with European Champions and World Champions to name a few titles. Unfortunately the final between Marina Sobanina and Irina Kryazheva was not held due to an injury (?)  som we will give you the champion, Marina Sobanina versus Antoninа Ismailova. Marina Sobanina did also win the Diamond Cup in Belgium early in 2016, and through this year she seems unstoppable..until British Open when she manage to reach the final, but was totally dominated by reign World Champion WKO Szepesi Csenge (Hungary) After that she takes 1st in 5th Matsuhima World Championship.

rita-pivoriunaite-61505560KWU European Championship had a higher level than many can image. The fighters at the top spots in the podium raised the level in this EC even higher than the KWU World Championship in 2015, as an result of that several top spot world champions fighters was pushed down and also out of the reach of medals. We will give you two videos, first one from the -55 kg category and this is the territory to one of the best female fighter in Europe – Rita Pivoriunaitė (Lithuania) Several times European Champion Shinkyokushin, and many “Open” victories. In the final Rita Pivoriunaitė faces Iya Kostova (Bulgaria)

agataSecond fight is from the opposite weight category, in the over 70 kg category. Lithuania with Diana Balsyte reached the final and met Agata (Kalicak) Winiarska from Poland. Both have been on the EC podium several times, Winiarska two times runner up in the EC Shinkyokushin. This time the polish fighter gets the top spot – and the first European title to Winiarska. She ca look back at this year with KWU EC gold, Shikyokushin EC silver and EC Open Weight Shinkyokushin bronze. 

emiThe 48th All Japan Open, Shinkyokushin was as expected very hard this year. And much at stake since it would decide who that would be Japanese representative for the 6th World Cup – or World Championship in Weight Categories. The line up was paced with top fighters, but the one who went all the way  to the top has been there before – World Champion from 2011 Emi  Shoguchi. After some time off from fighting Shoguchi are back in the game. But the competition was hard. In the final Shoguchi faced  Kikukawa Yui, of Ashihara Kaikan Tokyo branch. She did great in the recent World Karate Championship organized by WKO Shinkyokushinkai.

inga-mikstaiteEuropean Championship Open Weight Shinkyokushin, winner Inga Mikštaitė (Lithuania) She also did win the EC in weight categories, and she took the KWU European tittle in a very convincing way. Runner over reign KWU World Champion Guzel Fattakhova in the semi, before she met very skilled Marta Lubos from Poland. These two met first in the KWU EC final then the Open Weight EC final later. Mikštaitė a little ahead, Lubos one of the most active and winning fighter of the year! Mikštaitė collecting EC titles faster than non other – and with three EC titles in under a year..

British Open, Russian top fighter Marina Sobanina (winner of the World Cup IBK 2015, Russian Open Champion 2016 and more) – Csenge Szepesi – WKO Hungary (World Champion 2015, EC Champion) The category had 16 fighters, and more well known fighters was in the line up. Csenge went through the tournament, and did not meet any notable resistance in the couple of her first fights. Winning also against World and European KWF Champion,​Diana Cantero – Spain KWF, did not slow her down. Marina Sobanina on her side did also move on to the final in her own division, an it was no doubt that the final would be a real “big one”

We can only thank for the dedication and hard work! We are very excited what the next year will bring, but one thing we know for sure – it will bring us many many good moments, fights and tournaments!