DRAW – Kokoro Cup 9!

kokoro_cup_9_2016_posterOnly few days left, and the 9th edition of the Kokoro Cup is on! The line up are ready, and once again strong athletes from the best nations in Europe will meet on the tatemi to be the champion! The event will also this time be streamed live! (link in the article)

We will take a look at this years fighters, one fighter from Belarus, one fighters from Switzerland and one fighter from  France. Lithuania brings in three very strong fighters and last but not least: Poland with two fighters from the top level.


olegBelarus brings in a fighter from the heavyweight division – Oleg Dalidovich. National team member of Belarus, and has been represented Belarus in several occasions. Maybe not the most known fighter in Europe, as the biggest titles are yet to come. Been fighting at top level for many years, and for most of us the first “official appearance” was in the KWU Open Weight European Championship in Russia 2012. After advancing through the first round, he went the distance against Russian top elite fighter Arsen Hachatryan. Doing that describe his potential, and considering that this is many years ago, we know for sure that his level has only increased…

jean_tFrom France, Jean Paul Jaquot. This heavyweight fighter has a strong showing in the recent past, several strong positions in major tournaments across of different organizations. Going the distance with Bulgarian icon Valeri Dimitrov last European Championship tells a lot. Raises his status with a very impressive win in the KWU European Championship 2016, winning the heavyweight category. Also winning Championship of France and several tournaments in France. Jean Paul Jaquot will be a force to be reckoned with. We believe that if he not make it to the top, he can affect those who have to meet him on the tatemi – and possibly advance further in the tournament with a very heavy fight in their legs.

decosterdSwitzerland, Sacha Decosterd. This professional fighter fights across the whole world, at any tournaments that will challenge him. As a middleweight, he has several times proven his technical skills against heavier opponents. Dedicating his life to Kyokushin Full Contact fighting makes every tournament like a “payday” Through his career, across organizations and styles, he has build up a great knowledge of fighting, and do have the full package to back this up. Always great stamina and endurance, good all round skills, skills that has made him IBK World Champion and more..    Sacha Decostered website.

justinaLithuania, Justinas Kvietka. This fighter is as you know the runner up from last, the 8th edition of the Kokoro Cup. Coming out of one of the strongest Kyokushin nation in Europe, the level speaks for it self. Representing Lithuania in the 11th World Championship 2015, and in the national championship 2016, he followed reign European Champion Valdemaras Gudauskas trough extension, before loosing a close call 3-2 on judge decision. Kvietka also got very good kicking skills, and we all remember last Kokoro Cup when he knocked out team mate Antanas Klibavicus with a perfect back kick to the liver. In the same tournament Kvietka also defeated Rózsa Gábor and Marek Odzeniak, on his way to the final.

tarnow2015_010-1Poland, Mateusz Kaptur. Vice European Champion 2015 U22 in the heavyweight division. Runner up in The Poland Carpathia Cup 2016 (WKO), held in Rzeszow (Poland) on February 13th, 2016, an international tournament with several of the leading nation in Europe at the line up. Representing Poland recently in the U-22 European Championship, and do of course have notable merits in Poland. Showing strong fighting in the EC 2016, with strong lowkicks and punches. Loosing his fight after 3 minutes against Valeri Dimitrov, but showing good movements and footwork against a very strong Dimitrov.

klibavicus-kopiLithuania, Antanas Klibavicus. The Lithuanian “powerhouse” has been one of the most active fighter the last year. Not only has he been fighting in many tournaments, but he has fought in tournaments that contains high level of competition. Starting the year with a win in the Diamond Cup, taking his first European tittle in the KWU EC later on. Entered the EC open weight in Bulgaria. Was the runner up in 2013. We expect that Klibavicus will make his way in the line up.

valdemaras-gudauskasLithuania, Valdemaras Gudauskas. This will be one of the heaviest favorite in the tournament. Being Lithuanian champion = high level. Up from the U22 as the European Champion, and it did not take long before he repeated that in the senior category. The double European Champion from 2015/16 will challenge any man that enters the mat. Possesses all skills that a fighter need, and has a great spirit that never ends. There will never be a easy match against Gudauskas. He did not compete in the EC Open weight in Bulgaria inn November, and will be hungry to get back in the game.

13268145_1044168292337764_1474757852713524888_oPoland, Maciej Mazur. Home favorite and the Kokoro Cup champion for the 7th edition. Polish Open weight champion and heavyweight champion. One of the best fighter in Europe, EC record – among the top three four times in the last five years, and has been “in the ring” with the very best several times. Doing a major impression in the 11th World Championship in 2015. Placed top eight in a World Championship is a very strong record, facing the best fighters in the world. Mazur continues to improve technical, and that combined with his spirit and will to win could be more than his opponent can handle.

photos: pufasfotos.it

As mention the event will be streamed LIVE – as it was successfully done last time. We can only wait with great excitements! And do not forget to keep updated official Facebook site LINK