British Open 2017

The date for next years British Open are set, 23rd September 2017.


According to the official web site the Tournament will be held 23rd September. A mix up at the official website tells us two dates: 23rd September and 3rd October. Since 23rd October will be an Monday we assume that 23rd September is the right date.

This year the British Open was celebrating 40 years since the first edition of the tournament. The line up was early heavy promotes, and it was easy to see that this time it could be some changes in the tournament. Like in the KWU EC, a large group of WKO fighters entered the British Open. And many for the first time. Some of the very best was to see, and of course this mobilizes other organizations to meet the challenge, maybe especially the host and “birthday-child” BKK,IFK.

10359136-837378966291249-4780814855959206576-o_orig“The birthday party” was as mention at a very high level, and this made some notable facts. Many new countries got their first British open title (Kazakhstan and Hungary) The WKO made a huge impact, winning three of five categories and also taking 7 of 15 medals. The downside record would be the the organizer BBK IFK for first time in the British Open history, was pushed out from all the podiums in the men`s division.

boMany “for the first time” was done this day, and some “normal” settings was up side down. Many of the categories was over-represented with fighters from other organisations than from the host IFK. Top fighters from Kazakhstan WKO was early listed, and several World  and European Champions. Once again Lithuanian WKO supported with many fighters, all tough not the absolute top, but high level fighters. Russian IFK and WKO fighters was also pointed out, and that for a good reason. The Russian IFK fighters have been complete dominant in the British Open – up to now.

It was announced over 200 fighters, and as usually heavy promoting which organizations and number of countries that was in the line up.

vladimirFinally when the big day was a fact, the list of fighters was about 160, minus the novice/national and the cadets, and “no show” the total was about 110 fighters in three categories for men, and two for women. The event was streamed LIVE for the first time, but the streaming as poor organized,and did cause many frustrated fans. Covering only one of the two fight areas, starting to late, and switching channel during the tournament with little info.

The date for 2017 are ready, and with this event comes the big expectations! All can expect that it will be even harder as many now will ty to lift the level even higher! We think the place to look out for in the 2017 will be – as it was this year, The British Open!