Emi Shoguchi – seminar in Poland!

emi_poland2016World Champion 2011, Emi Shoguchi, Japan held last weekend a seminar in Poland. We all have seen the her in action, and of course a possibility to learn from a champion should not be missed! (Picture from Madzia Kaczmarzyk facebook – visit!)

4-6. of November, World Champion Emi Shoguchi, Japan, visited Poland during a seminar. Recently Emi Shoguchi won the All Japan Championship, but the seminar contained not only Kumite, but Kata as well.

The seminar gathered about 140 kids, and 120 adults Karatekas, and several nations was represented. Of course Japan and Poland, but also the Netherlands and Ukraine! Poland leading the way with several high ranked  Sensei`s, Shihans and Brand Chiefs. And of course some of the top fighter as well…

and as we speak of that: “girl power” Picture from Agata Winirska facebook


tomaszThe seminar was organized by Sensei Tomasz Basiak, (UKS SPARTA) well known for organizing great events. This was a great timed one, leaning towards the European Championship – Open-weight, and youths / Cadets. During the seminar a interpreter was used, and this will always give maximum learning when the language is different and a little hard to understand. (Picture from Madzia Kaczmarzyk facebook – visit!)

The video taken from Tibor Agócs facebook, visit and more pictures will be to find!