Russia in Shinkyokushin EC?!

top-logo-lgEuropean Championship in Shinkyokushinkai and it`s European region, has been without countries as Kazakhstan and Russia, who in many organisations are included in the European region – and further in the European Championship. In the Open weight EC in Bulgaria 25 and 26th November, this seems to have change..!


According to the official European Championship website, a team of six Russian fighters have entered. Six fighters three in the women open weight division, and three in the men open weight division. this will give us even more strong fighters to an all ready very strong tournament. We do not have any official information on this but if the are signed up – we believe the will fight!



But the question do not stop there. Several of the Russian fighters are well known fighters – but not from WKO Shinkyokushinkai. Far as we can see, some of the fighters are from Kyokushin-kan – Royama. And if the tournament are open to Russia, it`s reason to believe that it will be more fighters.

The names of Russian fighters men category:

  • Shamil Ramazanov –  Kyokushin-kan – Royama.
  • Kantemir Beslaneev –  Kyokushin-kan – Royama.
  • Mukhamed Kushkhov –  Kyokushin-kan – Royama.

The names of Russian fighters women category:

  • Anna Ulybina – Kyokushin-kan- Royama
  • Antonina Ismailova – WKO
  • Anna Vishniakova WKO

Link to official web site Russian fighters LINK