Winter Camp Germany 2017

2017_wintercamp_germanyIn good tradition the German Winter Camp will be held early in the year 2017. The Camp has been offering some of the absolute top instructors we have in the world. Midori Kenji Shihan, Howard Collins Shihan, Valeri Dimitrov Sensei, Norichika Tsukamoto Sensei, Roman Nesterenko Sensei and Germany`s own  Muzaffer Bacak Sensei – to name a few…

midori_kenji_gwc-258x300Keep the calendar open for this camp in 2017, The Camp will be held on the first weekend of february. This years top instructor are not official yet, but the organizer announces that it will be a women, and a strong one particular. We can only guess, but we think that the clues bring us to Hungary, and a World Champion.

⇐Midori Kenji Shihan 2011

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