The 48th All Japan Open

48th_all_japan22-23 October, The All Japan Open will be held in Tokyo,Japan. This legendary tournament in open weight will this year set the focus on who of the Japanese fighters that will represent Japan in the 6th World Karate World Cup, Kazakhstan 2017.  The 6th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in weight categories, as it is named now. the best Japanese fighters are to find in the line up, and The 48th All Japan Open have almost 100 fighters in the med category (94 fighter) and 29 in the women division…

Top fighters as Kenbu Irki, Shota Maeda, Kazufumi Shimamoto, Yuji Shimamoto, Kosei Ochiai,Daiki Kato, Kazuya Yamamoto, Yuki Maeda…to name some!

In the women category fighters as Sayaka Kato, Juri Minamihara, Yui Kikukawa, Chisaki Araki, Takayo Kimura.

It will be the very best who manage reach the podium in this tournament. DRAW

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