Swedish Open – last call!

Microsoft Word - Swedish Open 2016 Kyokushin - Google Chrome 27.07.2016 10.27.46.bmpThe 6th Swedish Open are turning out to be a good tournament Several of the categories are filled up, as we move in to the last day of registration (Friday 2/9) Will we have a last minute registration? sweheader_2016

Men heavyweight (+80 kg) and women lightweight (-65 kg) categories are both filled up with 16 fighters. Both divisions seems good variation and quality. Looking back at the 2014 tournament, there have been several changes in the two divisions.

Swedish-Open-2016-Kyokushin-212x300From last tournament, only the runners up are to find in this years tournament regarding to the fighters that reached the podium last time. Polish fighters Marek Wolny and Marta Lubos, both very good fighters and it is expected that they will be in the top this year also.

Men middleweight have also some changes compared with last time. Homefighter Rasmus Bergström , 2nd place in Swedish last time, are the only one from the podium to fight in this division this time. This year the starting field is characterized by fighters from Sweden; Sweden and Norway.

Men lightweight, reign Swedish Open champion Ziyafatalla (Milad) Samizade, are also to find in this years line up. Sweden do have several good fighters that will be a force to recon. Christoffer Sjölund, Ali Hayder, Stefan Chervenkov all from Sweden will be names to follow. On top of this Lithuanian fighter Jevgenij Jurut.

Women heavyweight. This category also have the reign champion, Sara Hägge, Sweden. This category has grown since last time, and with eight fighters it will be a tough challenge to reach the top. Lithuanian top fighter also entered the class, and will be one of the favorite.

Men lightweight and middleweight – still some spots to fill!