Shin Kazakhstan in the British Open

British Open 2016 increases its level this year, with Kazakhstan’s elite fighters. Kaz_fighters_haukis

Russia have been the number one nation in British Open, and almost taken what they want regarding to trophies. Kazakhstan has been one of the nations that keep up with Russia – and then some! Recently Ilya Yakovlev to beat one of the top heavy weight fighters for the WFKO title to name one achievement…

This years British Open will be a celebration – The 40th British Open, 1976 – 2016. Taking a closer look, it will be the 39th tournament, since it not have been held in 2005 (World Cup) and not held in 2007 (due to venue being declared unsafe tournament day) The IFK are working hard to make this a real great anniversary and, as we all know it will be.

The tournament will be held October the 1st, and with class fighters all ready in the line up, it will attract several fighters – at the same caliber! And of course the organizer will do everything tin their power to keep the trophies in their own lines. It is ready for a great setting and many exiting fights will come up.

From before we have been taking a look at the elite fighters from Kazakhstan (link1 & link2) Kazakhstan are highly no days, looking toward the World Cup, World Championship in weight categories, in Astana, Kazakhstan 2017. Not only do they one or two fighters that are noticeable, the have fighters at top level in all weight classes – men as well as women.

To this point some of the strongest profiles in the men`s category are signed up at the British Open 2016.

  • Vladimir Artyushin
  • Ilya  Yakolev
  • Dmitriy Fedorov
  • Dmitriy Moisseyev

vladiirVladimir Artyushin, fights in the heavy weigh category. Dynamic strong fighter, withe great spirit and endurance. Meet the best there is, and stood the time out. He did reach top 16 at the 11th World Championship 2015, and it was tournament winner, world champion Shimamoto who stopped his advancing.

  • 11th WT top 17 – lost to Shimamoto 2015
  • 2nd Swiss Open 2015 – lost to Nasirov
  • 1st European Open Tournament KWF, France
  • 3rd place Yamburg Cup Russia 2012
  • 1st place Diamond Cup 2011
  • last 32 World Tournament 2011
  • World Cup 2009 – Lost to V.Dimitrov
  • World Tournament 2007 lost to Tsukagoshi
  • 1st Swiss Open 2007

Video from WKO SHINKYOKUSHINKAI – Visit and see rest of the playlist!

M_DmitryDmitriy Moisseyev, one of the best lightweight fighters, with two World Championship titles in lightweight 2009 and 2013. High pace energetic fighting style, always  pressuring the fight with great spirit and great stamina to back it up.

Video from WKO SHINKYOKUSHINKAI – the playlist!

Video gallery this website here!

  • 1st World Cup 2009
  • 1st World Cup 2013
  • 1st 15th Asia Open 2014
  • 1st Asian Open 2012
  • 1st Yamburg Cup IFK 2014
  • 1st place President Cup 2010
  • 2nd Hungarian Open 2008
  • 3rd Swiss Open – spirit award 2007


yakovlev_Ilya Yakovlev ,Very strong athlete with great physical possibilities, enormous will to win, and seems only stronger longer the fight goes. Good technical variation and good movements make him to a very good all round fighter. Challenged Russian top fighter Artur Tilov when they met in 2014, and many tough he did far more damage and his opponent. The upraising came earlier this year when they met again, and this time Yakovlev did manage to win the fight – and be the WFKO champion.

  •  WFKO Champion 2016
  • 6th Russia Open weight 2016
  • 1st Kokoro Cup 2014
  • 1st Asian Open 2014, 3rd in 2012
  • 1st VII. IFK Russian Cup 2012
  • 5th round World Tournament 2011/ WT 09
  • 2nd Swiss Open 2007
  • Top 32 World Championship 2015

Video gallery this website here.

Fedorov DmitriyDmitriy Fedorov, fighting in the heavy weight. Champion of Kazakhstan, and got a third place in the KWU World championship in 2015 from a 30 fighters category.