Summer Camp Tromsø 2016 report

Tromsø So Kyokushin organized their 36th summer camp 9-12 of June. The main instructor was Shihan Shibata 6.Dan from Japan. The camp attracted Karatekas from different Dojo`s and organisations. (All photo Kenneth Augdal)2016TKK_SC (7) – Kopi

Shibata16Shihan Jiyuu Shibata visited The summer camp in Tromsø this year as said, and this time it was the 7th time he did. Tromsø Karate Club are well known for their strong traditions, and keeps the legacy of Kyokushin Karate alive.  And this focus are only getting stronger with Shihan Shibata as the main instructor.

The camp brought the student through all aspect of Kyokushin Karate. Basic, Kata and Kumite, all systematical put together by Shihan. The atmosphere are always very good with Tromsø karate club and Shihan Jiyuu Shibata, so the hard work come easily.


The camp ended with examination, and 3 persons made the try to Shodan and two aiming for Ni Dan. Many was very impressed by one of the Shodan candidate, doing his test age above 60 years!

Shihan Jiyuu Shibata also brought two young students from Japan to the camp. This was a great inspiration – specially for all the young Karatekas in Norway!

Tkk16_The camp is over, the memories will last for ever!

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