Fight Camp Denmark 2016

Danish_camp16 – Kopi14 years in a row, the Danish Fight Camp do have some serious history too look back at. Thus year the camp gathered 110 fighters from Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands and of course Denmark.Several organisations and styles was in Copenhagen  9-10th April 2016.

Update Ashihara information..

The Danish fight camp have a great tradition, and can offer all that you want as an active Full Contact fighter, coach or “Dojo fighter” The camp are put together perfect by Sensei Mathias Halberg, and his crew. At this camp the “feel-good focus” are one of the major factor. And anyone who have been training hard and much, knows how important this is.

The level of the participants of the camp are good. Swedish and Danish Shinkyokushin  national team members was to find in the camp, as well as many high level fighters and full contact practitioners. A another good factor was the team from Ashihara Karate. Not only did they bring in a serious number of good Katatekas, they also stood for some of the instructing. Ashihara brought in fighters from 5 different Dojo`s, and as one of the instuctors: Sensei Jesper Sørensen, National Coach. The other instructor was Sempai Nicolai Hansen. Both from  Randers Karate School. (In an early post, some of the information posted on Ahihara was not correct, now we believe it is fixed)



Shinkyokushin Denmark offered their best instructors, and it is as everyone knows, of very good quality. Mathias Halberg Sensei and Brian Jakobsen Sempai shared their experience in technical drills, and the thoughts behind the way they used their techniques. When participants dealt with these technical drills, it was changed partners frequently. Then we got the best out of it – technically and socially!


The social factor was also top between the training sessions. And many e-mail addresses was exchanged, plans and ideas was shared for upcoming events and further cooperation. Between the training, we also have to mention the food. Wraps,sushi and meat with beans / lentils / nuts…! not only great taste, but also great fuel to active Karatekas!

Sensei Mathias – happy campers⇒

Pictures are taken by Chalita Andersson, visit her Facebook site fore more great pictures!

Happy_campersThrough the weekend, it was also a lot of sparring. many many rounds with sparring. The focus was light technical sparring, with high pace. With so many gathered, and with so many rounds of sparring, you might think that many was bruised, more or less. But a clear guideline from the organizer, did point out how it should work. “If you really get a good experience, then you will come back”  And with the 15th addition coming up next year – well this is the the right way.

Shihan Jan Bülow did also close one session, where he shared the point of view from a judge perspective. This is really good for all to know, either you fight or coach. In this session the group also asked different kind of questions to the theme, for Shihan to explain.

The camp are planned to March in 2017, the same year will be a 15 years anniversary, and on top of that, Denmark will later that year be the host of the European Championship.

Big thanks and Osu to all the people involved in this camp!