Master Class Romania 2016

Romania_2016Once again there has been a masterclass event in Kyokushin Karate in Romania. Karate, Budo and deep understanding of this is well cared for. Harris Wallme Sensei and Marius Ilas Sensei in lead of training and seminars in Oradea, Romania, sharing their knowledge of the attending Karatekas. Instructors wanted all around the world..

Ilas_sensei2016Marius Ilas Sensei,one of the fighters that really has developed the style of Full Contact karate fighting. Taking it further than only measuring the fighting skill in tournaments. Taking the way of fighting back to the values of being operative the day after the tournament.. “fight smart and fight a another day”

One of the most merited fighter we have in Europe, and showed many times that technique on a higher level can overcome raw strength and aggression. The core value in martial arts.

⇐photos by Raluca Baintan see more link



⇐Harris Wallmen Sensei. In the video with Marius Ilas Sensei.. it is easy to see the technical elegance in the demo. And not to talk about how the techniques and movements flow naturally, with economic use of the body, and optimal use. Being able to this at such a high level tell much more than what many of us actually understand.

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