The 25th All Japan Open – videos

kk- Suzuki – KopiLooking back at one of the All Japan Open classics, The 25th All Japan Open , 1993. The line up was packed with fighters at the top of the level, and to day we can say the many of them are legendary. See Kyokushin icons as Kenji Yamaki, Hajime Kazumi, Hiroki Kurosawa, Yasuhiro Shinchinohe, Kunihiro Suzuki, Toru Okamoto fight in this classic All Japan Open, who could known that many of them would be World Champions later!

Toru Okamoto VS Toshiyuki Nogami

Kenji Yamaki VS Kunihiro Suzuki

Hiroki Kurosawa VS Naoki Kawahara 

Yasuhiro Shichinohe VS Kenji Yamaki

photoOnce again we want to thank this youtube channel loading up this great historic video clips, this is some thing that countless Karatekas highly appreciates

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