Shinkyokushin elite of Kazakhstan

Kaz_fightersKazakhstan do have a well known top level of Kyokushin Karate. Several times proven of their quality, and the trophies and awards have been awarded. This years World Tournament, the once again prove their skills, and just a few days after a new test of level was a fact..

Alexei Leonov, Mariya Gridneva, Ilya Yakovlev all three represented Kazakhstan in the World Tournament. And on top of that Vladimir Artyushin, Asset Akhmadiyev and Yekaterina Gurova, to name the whole team.

As you can see at the picture, one more profile are in: Dimitriy Moiseev, one of the best light weight fighters we have. He did not fight in the World Championship this year, but he fought in the KWU World Championship start October.

Dimitriy Moiseev, Alexei Leonov, Mariya Gridneva and  Ilya Yakovlev, was all up to the WKO grading test after the World Championship. WKO Shinkyokushinkai has released their Kumite test from the grading. But before we take a look at the videos, we give you a little reminder of how merited these fighters are..

See videos from WKO Shinkyokushinkai, grading test Kazakhstan below ↓ For more videos visit WKO Shinkyokushinkai Youtube channel

  • Dimitriy Moiseev, light weight.Dimitriy Moiseev
  • 1st World Cup 2009
  • 1st World Cup 2013
  • 1st 15th Asia Open 2014
  • 1st Asian Open 2012
  • 1st Yamburg Cup IFK 2014
    • 1st place President Cup 2010
  • 2nd Hungarian Open 2008
  • 3rd Swiss Open – spirit award 2007

  • 6305255004_fdd344cd5f_zAlexei Leonov, middleweight.
  • 2nd World Cup 2005
  • 1st Swiss Open 2007
  • Top 16 World Championship 2007
  • 3rd World Cup 2009
  • 2nd 27th All Japan Open weight category 2010
  • World Champion contender 2011
  • 2nd Asian Open 2014
  • 3rd Mas Oyama Memorial 2014

  • Ilya Yakovlev Ilya Yakovlev, heavy weight.
  • 1st Kokoro Cup 2014
  • 1st Asian Open 2014
  • 3rd All Asian Tournament 2012
  • 1st VII. IFK Russian Cup 2012
  • 5th round World Tournament 2011
  • World Tournament 2009
  • 2nd Swiss Open 2007
  • Top 32 World Championship 2015

  • Mariya GridnevaMariya Gridneva, light weight
  • 2nd World Cup 2013
  • 1st Astana Cup 2012 LW and HW
  • 1st place All Asian Tournament 2012
  • 3rd place Diamond Cup 2011
  • 1st place Astana Cup 2010
  • 1st place World Cup 2010 Iko3
  • 1st place World Cup 2009 WKO
  • 1st place World Cup 2006 Iko3