Austrian Open 2015 – results

Plakat_A_2015Same weekend as the French Open, but on Sunday the 14th of June, Austrian Open was arranged. Top nations as Hungary, Poland and Georgia was at the line up, and this was also the same nations who entered the podium. Georgian fighters have been very active this spring, and from European Championship (EC) Shinkyokushin i Poland, to EC Royama in Germany and now at last Austrian Open. But one Spanish fighter did also enter the podium twice in two days! French Open 1st place – Austrian Open 2nd place..Ferran Gandia Shinkyokushin Spain


Austrian Open continues to offer a tournament to all ages an in kata as well as Kumite. The tournament do also have novice categories for the more inexperience fighters, and a veteran “old masters class”


Results for the day.

Austria2015Results-adult-kumiteAustria2015Results-junior-and-cadets-kumiteAustria2015Results-adult-kumitePictures to be found HERE!