Finals of Europe – videos!

Trough the last weeks several European Championship in Full Contact karate Kyokushin has been held. Organized by different organizations to crown their best European fighter.We will take a look at the finals of some of the EC`s that have been held.

em2015ich (2) – KopiThe different organizations have different rules when it comes to which countries that can enter the EC. The main difference is, with or without Russia and Kazakhstan. And open to the whole world.

Videos from categories in six different organizations..!

First video are from Kyokushin Rengonkai, Place: Moscow, Russia. Time: 02.05.2015. The tournament are not the biggest, but the line up have several well known fighters. And being arranged in Russia, the level automatic raises with a good team of home-fighters. We could wish that some of the divisions had more fighters, seeing a EC division down to 4 to 6 fighters feels a little to short. But as mention the quality are good.

VIII Open European Kyokushin Karate Tournament  Final Men +90 kg. Timur Raiymbekov (Kazakhstan) vs. Kevin Wiklund (Sweden) Aka (Full results)

Jonathan Tineo (Spain) Aka vs. Jean Paul Jacoquot (France)


Held for the 25th time:

European Kyokushinkai karate Championship Kamakura 2015, 15. March, Nederland.

A minor tournament fought in a boxing ring, and known for hard fights with a base in the traditional Dutch full contact tradition. 25 years going tells us about tradition and Kyokushin will. (allows grabbing for a split second to execute knee or throw) The tournament are supported by different kind of organizations and countries such as KWF, Shinkyokushin, and more.

Augustin Alcastar – Spain vs Bart Mulder – Nederland (full results)

The 5th European Championship Kyokushin–Kan Karate / Royama 2015, Berlin, Germany 30-31 May

Kyokushin-kan / Royama European Championship has been organized since 2006, and this European Championship has been open to others as IFK, who has been very visible taking several championship medals trough the years. Especially the Russian IFK fighters has been placed high on the podium. Taking a look at previous results, the Russian fighters from IFK and Royama has taking 57 of 64 possible medals!! (men category EC results from 2006,08,10 and 12)  The level among the top 4 has been incredible hard, and this is top fighters of the world.

This year they increased from 4 divisions to 7, using 5 and 5 kilos categories. This year the fight about the third/fourth place was also gone, and two 3rd places was added. From last EC there has been noticeable changes. Non of the Russian IFK fighters was in the tournament, however the English IFK BKK national team fought, but all went out in the first round (!) Shinkyokushin Russia had several fighters in the tournament this time, and also some fro IBK (Hungary) and IKO Sosai (Russia). Georgia had a strong team, with several fighters who also fought in the Shinkyokushin EC in April. More or less ALL the well known profiles from the previous years among the top Russian fighters(Royama and a mention IFK Russia)  was not attending. With this fact it is a chance for the results to turn in a another direction, as other countries at last entered the podium.

Andrei Uleshchenko (Aka) vs Emanuel Lebo (Full results)

29th European Kyokushin Championship – EKF (KWF) Estonia 2015, 16-17.May

For the 5th time KWF organized The European Championship. Announced as the 29th EC is a truth with modifications, since KWF was formed in and arranged its first European Championship in 2011 this is the fifth EC after resigning from IKO1. KWF has been working hard to establishing the organization and develop it further in the direction one wishes. To be able to hold this tournament, help has been badly needed from others to fill the categories. IFK and Royama has been solid in to this tournaments, and together with the fact that this EC is open for the whole world, has been the solution in the process to build up this tournament. Poland and Hungary are the dominate nations, and they are to find all over the results. Last year some of the categories was poor, and many of the categories had 4-6 fighters only. This year the number of participants had been reduced with over hundred, so the challenge is still there. Organizing the EC in a “total tournament”  with seniors, “old masters” , juniors and children (12-13 years) make the atmosphere great. And a great way to introduce the young fighters into international top tournament.

Yanev Yordan, Bulgaria/Royama vs Eivind Nærland, Norway (Aka) (Full results)

The 29th European Weight Cat. Kyokushinkai Karate Championship 2015, Berlin. IKO1

This is a traditional EM with many strong fighters and well-known profiles. The level is extremely high, and top fighters as Alejandro Navarro, Zahari Damyanov, Nicolae Stoian , Patrik Sypien, Alexender Yeremenko, Lucian Gogonel – to name a few! This year was one of the few times that Russia was not to see on the podium among the men. The weight categories are as they have been, -70,-80,-90 and +90 and with a lightweight category with over 40 fighters…!  The top level has been high and still are, and we think this is some of the strongest fighters we have across the Kyokushin world. (Therefore we give you two finals!) (Full results)


2015,17-18 of April Warsaw, POLAND

European Championship this year had a strong competitor line up. Maybe not unusual, especially considering that it is the World Championships (open weight) later this year. That could also be the reason why several fighters mowed from -90 kg to the +90 kg category. The eastern Europe nations dominates the EC, but nations as Spain, Sweden and Denmark are hanging on. The EC is arranged for the adults and the Junior (only 17/18 years) EKO includes not Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus as part of the European Region,  anyway the tournament gathered over 360 competitor from 25 nations. This means that you got the divisions with 20 -30 fighters, men and women category. This means that you have to have really good all round skills to reach the top. arranging Championship in Poland has probably been of significance to the great participation, since this is central and economically beneficial. And not to talk about Poland’s capacity to organize! (Full results)