2nd All Japan Weight Tournament JFKO – VIDEOS

The 2nd All Japan weight tournament, organized by Japan Full-contact Karate Organization  JFKO was held 23 & 24 May 2015. Some of the best fighters of Japan meet in this 2nd addition to decide who is the best. Several Full-contact styles / organizations attended and the number of fighters was significantly higher this year than last year – and last year there were also solid number of participation.2nd_All_Japan

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Heavy weight final  Kosei Ochiai (Aka) vs Kazuya Yamamoto

Light heavy weight final Daiki Kato (Aka) vs Syota Maeda

Middleweight final Syunsaku Kawase (Aka) vs Yuki Maeda

Lightweight final Harutaka Okazaki (Aka) vs Hiroki Akimoto (Nanasyu-Kai)

Heavy weight ladies Emi Shoguchi (Aka) vs  Sato Misaki

Light heavyweight ladies Chisaki Araki (Aka) vs Takayo Kimura

Middleweight ladies Chisa Kato (Aka) vs Juri Minamihara

Light weight ladies Momoka Ooba (Aka)  vs Yui Kikukawa Ashihara kaikan