2nd All Japan full contact Karate Championships – results.

jfko2nd – KopiThe 2nd All Japan Full Contact Karate Championship – results

This weekend Japans best fighters have fought in the All Japan Open tournament. The number of fighters has increased from last year, the various divisions has been packed with top class fighters from different Dojo`s and organisations.

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Men Lightweight / LW (-65kg)
1. Harutaka Okazaki (Shinkyokushinkai)
2. Hiroki Akimoto (Nanasyu-Kai)
3. Tatsuya Takenaka (Seishin-Kai)
3. Atsushi Matsumoto (Uomoto-Ryu)

Men Middleweight/ MW (-75kg)
1. Yuki Maeda (Shinkyokushinkai)
2. Syunsaku Kawase (Shinkyokushinkai)
3. Syojiro Fujiwara (Shinkyokushinkai)
3. Jyunki Ochi (Shinkyokushinkai)

Men heavyweight / HW (-85kg)
1. Daiki Kato (Shinkyokushinkai)
2. Syota Maeda (Shinkyokushinkai)
3. Naoki Morita (Miyamoto-Dojo)
3. Yuto Eguchi (Shinkyokushinkai)

Men Super heavyweight / SHW (+85kg)
1. Kazuya Yamamoto (Shinkyokushinkai)
2. Kosei Ochiai (Shinkyokushinkai)
3. Tatsuya Hasegawa (Shinkyokushinkai)
4. Yoshinori Nagano (Shinkyokushinkai)

↓Kunihiro Suzuki,The 8th World Championship champion, advanced in the tournament – in the third round after After two extensions, it was a defeat with minimum margin 3-2