Kunihiro Suzuki Sensei – ready for new challenges!

Kunihiro_SuzukiiKunihiro Suzuki Sensei, leaving the international fighting arena in 2013, in Lithuania after the 5th World cup. After Suzuki`s last fight, the whole arena gave him a standing ovation, and several with tears in their eyes. Suzuki has been one of the most important profiles and model for Budo karate WKO Shinkyokushin.

Being the true Budo warrior, he is up to a new challenge…..

←Kunihiro Suzuki Sensei – World Champion 2003


Suzuki Sensei  (videos) will compete at The 2nd All Japan Full-contact Karate Championship! The tournament plays a major role in efforts to gather full contact karate to become one.

↓ World Champions..

Takayuki Tsukakoshi, Keni Midori, Norichika Tsukamoto and Kunihiro Suzuki  (FB Site)