Valeri Dimitrov, Bulgaria EC Open Weight

Valeri Dimitrov, Bulgaria.

The Open weight European championship was for many years gone, but with an organization that is expanding rapidly, the need to take this tournament seems naturally again. Ten years passed before one should again see who was the best European fighter – whatever weight class. 2012 Poland was the place, (This Open-weight EC has been called by many for the 1st Open Weight EC, since the time between the last one back in 2002 belong to another time) and ten years before it was in Budapest, Hungary, with a winner, Valeri Dimitrov. Dimitrov counties to adapt, and develop his fighting. The EC Open-weight in 2018 was incredible impressive, as the game and pace took it to another level. Open-weight victories in EC by Valeri Dimitrov: 2002, 2012,2014 and 2018.




2018 Hungary