Kokoro Cup 8, 6th December 2014

2014_KokorocupFIGHTERS UPDATE!

Kokoro cup is undoubtedly one fully professional tournament in every way. And this year’s verson is guaranteed not to disappoint. Very strong name is already released, athletes from Japan, Russia, Hungary with more to name a few are clear, and of course Poland’s own top performers.

Marek Wolny, Macieij Mazur, Marek Odzeniak and Mateusz Garbacz, all well known top fighters from Polen will meet, Gabor Rozsa – Hungary, Nasar Nazirov – Russia, Ikuya Kawabata – Japan, Krunoslav Zlodi – Croatia are some of the internationale fighters who will fight in theis years tournament! Go to official Facebook site.

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New fighters:

Kestutis Radvila – Lithuania.

1381310028_dsc_8042Dmitry Sikorski – Belarus- 3dr place in the first KWU World Championship in 2013. Winner of the CARPATHIA CUP in Poland 2014.





Justinas Kvietka – Lithuania. One of the best U22 middleweight fighters in Europe. Winner og the Europeean Championship U22 recently, 3rd place in the Branko Memorial before that. Runner up in the EC U22 last year, only beaten by his country man VALDEMARAS GUDAUSKAS.

Antanas_KAntanas Klibavicius  – Lithuania. Winner of the 19th Branko Memorial 2014 superheavyweight this year and runner up in the European Championship open weight category last year. Recently challenged this years winner of the Open Weight EC, Valeri Dimitrov and fought him to an extra round.




Vasil_VangelovVasil Vangelov – Bulgaria. A strong punching fighter in the light heavy weight category. Proven to be one of the best in Europe, and also well known to make his way at the world stage. In the 10th World Championship Valgelov reach the top 16. Beating among others double European Champion Darius Gudauskas from Lithuania. Vangelov have also been at the European podium. in the weight categories as well as the Open Weight. Strong punches, good kicks and a drive who can challenges anyone.


Ilya_Yakovlev1Ilia Yakovlev – Kazakhstan.

  • 1st place Asian Open 2014
  • 1st All Russian Open Matarov memorial 2014
  • 3rd All Asian Tournament 2012
  • 1st placethe VII. IFK Russian Cup 2012
  • 5th round World Tournament 2011
  • World Tournament 2009
  • 2nd Swiss Open 2007


Edgard_SecinnskiEdgar Sieciński – Lihuania. OUT of the tournament

  • 1st Swedish Open 2014
  • 3rd EC 2014
  • Woerd Cup 2013
  • 1st EC U22 2013
  • 2nd EC 2012
  • 1st EC U22 2012


Rozsa_GaborGabor Rozsa – Hungary. A technical athlete beyond the ordinary. Stands for technical purity in his stylish fighting, which has given him five European championships. Also has won the All Kyokushin World Tournament in 2009 / IFKK. Technical, explosive and ability to finish matches with quick knock out. These criteria has given him many technics Awards and titles. Supreme champion of the Oyama Memorial Tournament in 2014, and seems unbeatable in his division.


krunoslov_ZlotiKrunoslav Zlodi – Croatia. 

3rd Kokoro Cup 2013





Go_KusubaeIGo Kusubae – Japan.

7th All Japan Open 2014





KawabattaIkuya Kawabata – Japan.

3rd Place Oyama Memorial 2014

World Cup 2013

Kokoro Cup 2013

World Championship 2011



Nasirov_Nazar_10thNazar Nasirov – Russia. He is clearly a fighter for the future. Although he is young, he has already met several of the world’s best fighters and gone the distance with them. He has all the qualities as a fighter needs. Good technical variety, strength and endurance. And also the ability to set up tactical move that often ends in knock out. Proven strong in the Oyama Memorial 2014, back on track after av break during an injury do the World Cup in 2013.



Gerard_WillGerard Wil – Poland.

EC IKO1 Champion 2013

EC KWF Champion 2013/14

Mazowia Open 2nd Place 2014

Polish Champion 2014



Marek_Odzeniak-KopiMarek Odzeniak – Poland. Marek Odzeniak from Poland have been fighting at top level for several years. Just being one of Poland`s first choice in the middleweight division gives a perspective of what kind of level he has. Also fighting with success in open weight tournaments require much. Fighting in middleweight division are very hard, and Marek Odzeniak have been fighting many very hard fights,never giving up know for a all round good fighter with strength to back it up.



Marek_Wolny_Marek Wolny – Poland. Marek Wolny, up and coming fighter from Poland with strong results from U22 to prove it. Have the last years placed himself among top three in the European Championship with his aggressive fighting style. Made 2013 a big year, winning Polish Open, 2nd place Danish Open, 3rd place European Championship in the light heavyweight, and 5th place in The 45ht All Japan Open Tournament.



Maciej-Mazur-Kopi1Maciej Mazur – Poland. Winning the U22 European Championship in 2011 was a good statement. The 10th World Championship: Placed among the top 32. Mazur continues to prove his level, and he establishes himself in the -90kg class in Europe. Taking third place in the EC 2012 and 2013, 1st Danish Open in 2011, 2nd in Open Cup of Ukraine 2012. During this time demonstrated his toughness and ability to withstand punishment, and extremely strong in his condition.



Mateusz GarbaczMateusz Garbacz – Poland.

2nd EC 2012

3rd EC 2011

Polish Champion 2014

Kokoro Cup 2013