Hungarian Mas Oyama Memorial Cup 2014

HungarianOyamaMemorial2014 - KopiFrom official invitation :“This tournament will be held as a memorial event to mark the 20 the anniversary of the death of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, the founder of Kyokushin Karate. This international event will be cosponsored by WKO and the Hungary Branch, the host country, and WKO competitors from various regions will participate in this tournament. We would also like to invite competitors from other international karate organizations for this tournament..”

Russian and Japanese WKO team ready!

About seven weeks from now the Hungarian Mas Oyama Memorial Cup 2014 will be held, and some of the team/fighters er named, taken into consideration that athletes can get injured, or is prevented from entering any other reason.


  • Men -70:1. Magomedov Hasan/Moscow 2 .Foresters Vyacheslav/Kemerovo region
  • Men -80:1.Artem Semenov/Ulyanovsk region 2.Smolyakov Maxim/Kemerovo region
  • Men -90:1.Nazar Nazirov (Krasnoyarsk) 2.Gennady Nechayev (Krasnoyarsk)
  • Men +90:1.Denis Ersrov (Ulyanovsk region) 2.  Yevgeniy Andrushko -Khabarovsk
  • Women -55: Sozykin Natalia (Krasnoyarsk Territory)
  • Women -65: Valiev Irina (Moscow)
  • Women +65: Vishnjakova Anna (Moscow)


  • Under 70 kg  : Syunsaku Kawase and Junki Ochi
  • Under 80 kg  : Yoshiki Mogi and Ikuma Oshita
  • Under 90 kg  : Kazuhito Yamada and Yuta Shoguchi
  • Over   90 kg   : Tatsuya Hasegawa and Kembu Iriki
  • Women -55: Nahoko Tanioka
  • Women -65 Noriko Yokoyama
  • Women +65 Mami Hasegawa

Europe will build their team out of the resuts from the European Championship in Baku this year. That will involve 1st and 2nd place in the men category, and 1st place in the women category. In case some of the invited fighters can`t fight, or are prevented to participate- reserves will take their place.

Event facebook site Hungary and WKORelated article with documents.