Belgian Mountain Camp Shinkyokushin

2014Belgian_Mountaincamp - KopiThe 8th Belgian Mountain Camp will be held Friday, 19  –  Sunday, 21 September 2014!

  • When:           Friday, 19  –  Sunday, 21 September 2014
  • Arrival:          Friday, 19 September between 7AM and 8AM
  • Departure:    Sunday, 21 September  1AM – 1.30AM
  • participation:  from 14 years old


  1. The nice surroundings of Namen;
  2. One day of training like Sosai Oyama did
  3. The experience of a 50 man kumite;
  4. A great time with the Kyokushin-family.


  • Koen Spitaels, 5e dan (Belgium)
  • Muzi Bacak, 3e dan (Germany)
  • Lukas Kubilius, 2e dan (Lithuania)
  • Viktorija Kubilienė, 2e dan (Lithuania)
  • Marc Goyvaerts, 4e dan            
  • Willy De Peuter, 3e dan
  • Dirk Keulemans, 3e dan
  • Gentil Declercq, 3e dan
  • Bert Jansens, 3e dan


Will be held till Sandan, under the seeing eye of Shihan Koen Spitaels, 5e dan


Auberge de Jeunesse de Namur
Avenue Félicien Rops, 8
B- 5000 Namur

Blankets and pillows are present so is full pension of food

Registration/ Info:  send your invoice before 15 September 2014 to:

Peter De Raedt

Tel: +32491 077 101


Please deposit the fee on our Fortis bank account:

Account – number:  001-6117262-33 [BKKO vzw]

Keyword “Mountain Training Camp 2013” (plus name and dojo!)

Foreign participants, please pay the participation with these numbers

IBAN: IBAN: BE79 0016 1172 6233


Registration is in conical order, you can only participate when you paid the fee

Cost:      Entering fee for the Mountain camp is € 115!!

Early booking is €100 the fee has to be paid before 15th July 2014

Responsibilities: Organizers and instructors will not take any responsibilities for damage or injuries during this event

What do you need:       Except personal thing, here is a list you shout bring:

  • 2 Karate-GI
  • EKO-Pass + 2014 seal
  • Shin and hand protection
  • Training suits
  • Running shoes
  • Towels
  • mineral water/ isotonic etc.
  • 2014Belgian_Mountaincamp